Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 31 at Mrs. B.'s Halloween Party!

Awww... And this is the last day of super-fun at Mrs. B.'s blog! I enjoyed every day of it, and I want to thank her for spending her time to bring all these wonderful artists together to so generously donate their witchycrafts for us greedy witches, lol!
I was also happy to get to know new bloggers, learn more about this magickal sabbath, and to read awesome articles every day.

Aaaaand today Mrs. B.'s giving away an absurdly amazing basket of goodies straight from Salem, from Jaz, the soul behind Octoberfarm! Omigods, I would adore to win this!!

And Weiser Books was also so generous to donate a full set of the Weiser Field Guides!!! Ooommiiiiigods!!!! WOuld it be too bad if I made a spell to win this, lol??

And don't forget the last Hautend Blog Tour, it's spookY! ;)

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