Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little witch's lucky charm

Lucas has soccer classes at school every Thursday after class. It's one of the funniest times of the week, with us moms and dads cheering for our little ones as if they were at a national championship, and they playing with their hearts. Lucas loves his classes! While in the begining he was a bit afraid of fighting for the ball and getting hurt, lately he developed a self-confidence that pleasantly surprised us all. He runs the whole field, fairly fights for his chances and gets involved in every situation - no, he's not a young Romario, I know his limitations, but he fully enjoy his games! It's even more fun to watch him now;

Some days ago he also decided adding an extra magickal help to his good performance, and made a cute luck charm, inspired by the Smeared and Smudged cool tutorial shared at Mrs. B.'s Haunted Tour:

This is how he thought a soccer luck charm should look. I took it with me on his last soccer class and he played very well again! He knows it was not due to the charm, but to his own effort, but of course, a little bit had to do with magick, why not? ;)

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Mother Moon said...

what a great lucky charm... I so enjoyed watching my grandson play soccer on our visit... Lucky you to be able to do it more often..

Wendy said...

I love Lucas' talisman. Wonderful mojo to have and it can never hurt to have the blessings of a witchy mama...I remember my son playing soccer. He was never into "team sports" unless it was ice hockey. But, I took such pride when he loved what he did and did it well which obviously you do too!

Unknown said...

I love the fact Lucas makes charms! He's wonderfully talented and so natural. You are truly blessed Nydia :-)

Anonymous said...

He is so cute !
Nydia I have an award for you on my blog .I did send you an email also ☺
take care
love rox