Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 14 at Mrs. B.'s Halloween Party!

... And the fun goes on! Today Mrs. B. is giving away a super cute Creepy Li'l Grumpies Rubber Stamp Set from Smeared Ink, a lovely Oak Felted Goddess from Shades of Midnight, and a fun Dancing Skeleton Oven Mitts from Darkling Dreams (ooh... unfortunately this one is only for US or Canada residents, it's so cool!)!

And don't forget the Haunted Blog Tour, today featuring Ramblings: A Vaguely Boho Blog, owned by the wonderful and creative writter Kristen Eaton, who's giving away to celebrate her Haunted Tour a custom-written Looseleaf Handcrafted Five Phrases Story set on Halloween, how cool is that?!

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Kristen Eaton said...

Hi Nydia! I love the new look! Also thank you so much for your kind words on my blog and giveaway. I was really inspired by your etsy shop - it always feels like I'm buying something in person and not just online - and I wanted to bring a little of that to writing/storytelling. Thanks again!