Sunday, October 24, 2010


I seldom post recipes, isn't it? Everything I make at home (when I manage to be in the kitchen before mom, that's it!) is very simple and can't be compared to my friends' fabulous meals!

But yesterday at the bbq we went, our host friend prepared an absurdly delicious white beans with saffron & coconut milk, whose recipe I had to steal and share with you guys. At first, I though I wouldn't like it because coconut milk is so sweet to have something to do with beans. My mistake! It gives a subtle exotic touch making it taste like heavens. So here it is:

Prepare 1 kg of white beans as usual, stewing it with onion and garlic after cooked (that's how we make beans here, I assume is the same for you guys!). After cooked, add a litle bottle of coconut milk (200 ml) and a table spoon of saffron to it, stirring well, cooking for more 5 minutes. Right before serving, add a tomato cut into cubes in the mix, and voilà! The best white beans ever!

For dessert, she also made Ambrosia, a yummy and simple recipe that can make you howl to the moon (like the Olympian gods must have done when eating it, lol):

Put 5 liters of milk in a big pan. Add 3 cups of sugar, always stirring until boiling. Put on low heat and let it slowly dry for more or less two hours. When the mix starts to thicken and get a light brown color, add 5 sticks of cinnamon. Pour the mix on a large bowl and take it to the fridge, until time to serve.

Enjoy! And if any of you guys try these, let me know if you liked them! ;)

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Divaeva said...

mmm..those beans do sound fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you Nydia! This is going on my grocery list. I'll let you know how they turn out. I can't wait!

Blade & Cauldron said...

Oh I must make these white beans!!! I make curried lentils with coconut milk and we love them ... I imagine we would love these as well!!!

Mama Kelly aka Jia
2 Witches
Blade & Cauldron

Anonymous said...

Yum ! I love coconut milk in food !
It sounds so good with safron ☺ I'm going to try it .

Powell River Books said...

My dad was great a cooking a pot of beans. He would start soaking them the night before and then cooked them slow the next day in a big pot. His favourite were chili beans. I can still taste their spicy sauce. - Margy

petoskystone said...


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Ambrosia to me is a salad with fruit, nuts and marshmallows, lol! So strange how foods have different names between countries.

This all sounds delicious!!