Thursday, August 14, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday - Robert Johnson!

Thursday is here again and my friend Blue's fun meme is back! I'm a litle late! My favourite thing to share today is Listening to Robert Johnson!

I love listening to Blues, and Robert Jonhson, born in 1911, is on the top of my list. He's the most creative and intriguing personality of the Delta Blues for me, and I can never have enough! His guitar touches me deep inside, and you can feel that it's an extension of his own heart & soul. Actually, seems like the guitar is an extension of his body.

This man's life is surrounded by mystery about how fast he learned to master the guitar playing and there's this incredible and famous theory - proudly sustained by himself - that he sold his soul to the Devil to be the king of Blues, when he went to a crossroad, gave his guitar to the evil man, who magickally tuned it and handed it back to Johnson, in exchange for his soul... Supernatural was a recurrent theme on his music, making his pact with devil's theory stronger. Oh well, one never knows... He ended up dying a very painful death - strychnine in his bottle of whisky - when he was only 27, poisoned by a jealous husband for sleeping with his woman. Like a comet, he came, shone for while, then went away.

Truth is that the songs immortalized in only two recording sessions in San Antonio and Dallas studios are an avalanche of strenght and emotion. I love Walkin Blues, Come on in my Kitchen, Hell Hound On My Trail... I can listen without getting bored to everything he did. Late nights after Lucas is asleep, sometimes I listen to him in the dark room with closed eyes, what an experience! LOL

Look at the photo above how long his fingers are, spider-like. With fingers like that he could position them on the guitar without effort to make those incredible, heartbreaking chords.

It's very hard to play his songs, and Eric Clapton (another must for me!) painfully learned that when he recorded the masterpiece Sessions for Robert J., in the very same places RJ recorded his songs! He made perfect versions without being arrogant to think it would be exactly like the original. The DVD & CD are worthy a try.

That was my FT today! To know more about other people's favourite things, visit Blue's page!

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Kyanite said...

Music is the fav. favourite thing this week!
Archie did folk music with Crosby, Stills & Nash & Wilma's posted about Elvis.
Those two I know well and like but sadly Robert Johnson is new to me. But, I will try & find his music on the net and have a listen as you rate him so highly.
Thanks for playing again.

Sorry, your day @ work was bad.

TY for the reminder about the dreamboard but I just haven't had a chance to really give it careful consideration this week, what with worrying over Jackson & the constant drama with pussy Penny, plus still not feeling 100%.
So, am setting my goal for the next full moon!
Will look forward to seeing your's & Lucas's.


Suzie Ridler said...

What a fantastic but sad story of an interesting man! I will have to ask my husband if he knows him, he's huge into guitar, especially blues. Thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed the story but I am sorry to hear about his early ending. Fascinating!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I will have to try to find some of his music to listen to. What an interesting life he seems to have had!

Michele said...

I love music but Blues is not really up there for me however it's not something I totally dismiss. I'm always willing to try new avenues because you just never know! I used to not like jazz at all and when a friend introduced me to it, I like some of it now... not all of it but some of it I do like! =D
So I would like to look at Robert Johnson on the internet and download a few of his tunes and get a taste of it! You just never know! =)