Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday at the parks 1. In the morning...

Yesterday was a very hot day. Winter is definitely saying goodbye here, and Spring is going to be a warm one... I don't want to think how the Summer is going to be!
As Rodrigo went to his parents' house for his Homeophathy course, Lucas and I decided having am early picnic at Chacrinha to spend the time. It was really cool! The beautiful morning invited us to stay long. I made a corn cake and tuna sandwiches, bought some juices, and took fruits. It was great watching Lucas running up and down the place, while I relaxed a bit.
Can you see the bubble he was chasing?

Me and my witchy boy. One last - and cute - thing: while we were there enjoying our picnic time, a thrush (called sabiá in Portuguese) started singing, and Lucas said he loved listening to that, because to him it is like Nature's radio. :o) Children have an unique way to express their feelings!

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