Thursday, August 14, 2008

A quilt for Katney

Dear Katney, this is the quilt I was talking about. Rodrigo's grandmother made it for us when we got married, nine years ago, and I love it in our messy bed (you can see my old teddy bear and Lucas' stuffed lion on the head of the bed, plus Lucas' little good dream sticker he made on Rodrigo's side for protection during sleep - mine is not visible. Kids have ideas uh?). I don't know if this pattern has a name?

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Kyanite said...

That is lovely!
I have done patchwork, what we in the UK call quilting but nothing so ambitious.
Katney is inspiring me to start again this Winter.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, how pretty!

Katney said...

The block pattern is called Log Cabin. (I will have some Log Cabin blocks when ABC gets to L again.)

There are two interesting things about this particular one. Usually a Log Cabin block starts with a red square in the center to represent the hearth. The "logs" are added--dark on one corner and light on the opposite, or instead, two different colors. I don't think I have seen one where the one side is of logs all of the same solid color fabric.

Log Cabin is another block--like the Drunkard's Path that I posted for ABC Wed.*D--that can be arranged in different ways. As you photo was loading, I thought this was in the "Barn Raising" setting. That makes a sort of diamond around a central set of four blocks. It would be as if you put a mirror at the top of your quilt and the Vs showed as a mirror image in the opposite direction.

Some other settings are "Straight Furrow" and "Zig Zag". I haven't seen a V like yours before, but it is quite striking.

Paulie said...

I have never seen one like this -- it is so beautiful and definitely an heirloom. You have ben blessed to receive it!

Michele said...

That is a pretty quilt with a wonderful pattern... I think it's neat to have something like this that you can pass down. Very special indeed!