Tuesday, August 19, 2008


While my weekends are usually great, even just being at home, I can't say the same about my working days during the week. I mentioned here already that I'm looking f a new job, because after a serious talk, my boss let me know that she can't keep the company any longer.
The problem is that while I'm still in my current job, the energy around this office is so bad, so down it makes me want to run away. I'm really sorry for my boss, because she is a wonderful person, and I was really betting in her talent and persistence in this jewelry business. Unfortunately, expenses are higher than profits. Simple like that. So I have to deal with her feeling down and exasperated, to deal with her other employees, jewel makers, who are so incompetent and irresponsible not showing up for days that shock me, and the perspective of one more time look for a job as a secretary... oh gods... That's the worse. My fault, life's fault, whatever, but I'm so tired of working in offices doing nothing that is really thrilling, that makes me feel complete! Doing things fr othe people, calculating numbers... I'm almost 40 and totally frustrated professionally.

Mind me, I'm very thankful for my life, for being healthy and all. I am, but I'm feeling this urge to finally do something that I really love doing, that wouldn't make me feel like wasting my time. *sigh*

So "Ommmm..." I go not to get crazy. Bear with me, not in the best mood!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, Nydia, I can imagine that's not the most relaxing place to spend your day!

Maybe this is your opportunity to find something completely different though. What's your dream business? Perhaps you could open something of your own! Or start an online business for awhile and see if you could make that profitable.

Hand painted boxes from exotic Brazil? Who wouldn't want one?

This Guy said...

I was in the same boat with my last job. Its very difficult to work in an environment when the energy is so rotten! Some people just don't take their jobs seriously, which seems to be the case with your fellow co-workers. That sucks, because they ruin things for the employees who are dedicated to their jobs and show up ever day ready to work!

They say we are the generation that will have 30 jobs in our lifetime. Remember our parents and grandparents, I can only remember them having 1 job! Especially around here, you went to work in the factory when you were 16, retired when you were 55, and that was it. Im 27, and I've had 10 jobs already. I doo feel frustrated professionally as well, I know exactly how you feel. Its upsetting, but we'll all get threw it ;)

I love mrsb's Idea of the hand painted boxes from brazil! you should check out etsy.com I think you'd have a few customers now! ;)

Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog too! :)

Bret =)

Kyanite said...

I feel your frustration.
Maybe you could expand your creative skills like the boxes into an on-line business as mrsb suggests...


Suzie Ridler said...

I think the time to make some serious changes is at hand! The hardest part is figuring out what we want (at least for me it is) and then you gotta figure out how to go for it.

Your career needs a facelift. What do you want to change? What do you want to keep the same? What is calling your right now?

Thanks for your sweet comment! It's true, real life is at home with my husband and my magick making.

Anonymous said...

Having had jobs that drove me nuts - almost literally - I feel for you.
Hope things improve.
Many thanks for you kinds thoughts.
Although the old girl was quiet enough these last months, the house seems very quiet.

Dragonstar said...

What a rotten situation for you to be in. As others have said, do your best to focus on the positive aspects and what you most want to do. Remember your Dreamboard and work from it. Maybe use the Dark of the Moon when it comes to banish all negativity. You're a clever, intelligent woman. The right thing will come.

Thanks for your sweet words today.

Jerez Sherry said...

(((((hugs)))))) rest in breathe.....

Turtleheart said...

Oh Nydia, sounds like a miserable situation. And it is so disheartening when you dread going to work.

But perhaps this can be used as an opportunity to find another job you like. Would your boss give you a good reference? Perhaps she knows someone in this same line of business that she could recommend?

And I agree with everyone who said follow your creative spirit and see what you can do to earn some money making your hand-painted boxes. Who knows what kinds of opportunities are out there waiting for you to discover them!