Monday, August 4, 2008

Lucas' Birthday!

It finally arrived and it was over so fast! Lucas woke up at 6:30am all anxious, and obviously he wanted his present - we knew he wanted an electronic drummer, so there it was! Imagine him playing it out loud so early in the morning... Poor neighbours!!! Fortunately they knew it was his bday...We had all morning to do everything. The gift bags were ready for the little guests. So I needed to clean up the house - Rodrigo took care of the kitchen while I attacked the bathtroom. Then it was time to prepare the hot-dogs, and my mom arrived in perfect timing to help us. We had much more than enough for two parties, actually! Being honest, I could have hot-dogs for lunch & dinner forever, I love it!
His little friends arrived and the fun was great. They all got their magickal wands at the door, and didn't want to leave them anymore! This corridor in front of my house is a long one, and they kept running up and down playing with each other for a long time, and ended up all sweaty!

The customized witch hats was a sucess and a full glitter mess! Our house still has glitter on the floor, and in Lucas' hair, no matter howmuch I wash it! LOL

The pin-the-glasses-on-Harry was another fun. But they decided that they wanted to play it their own way - they wanted to see the glasses being put on, so that's how it got!
The cake was exactly how we wanted it, yummy and soft. The above photo shows the table a little messy, we forgot taking a photo when everything was neat...

He got all happy with the presents he got, as you can see by his big smile! Very smarty...

The "Happy Birthday to you..." was sweet, we sang it a lot of times!

In the end, we parents were exhausted but very happy that everything went alright and our little boy was happy, sweaty and full of joy!

Thank you all for the lovely messages wishing beautifl vibes for Lucas, and sorry for this loooooong post!!!! :P

8 comentários:

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Lucas. That cake looks so yummy. I am glad you enjoyed your party!!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow! What a great looking party! Lucas is very lucky to have such a loving family and good friends!

Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! What a wonderful party!! It sounds like everyone had alot of fun!

Thank you for sharing it with us Nydia!

Kyanite said...

Looks a wonderful party, so glad Lucas had lots of fun.

Love to you all

turningwheelfarm said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! Love all the photos. Looked like fun! :)

Michele said...

The smiles and the laughter I see in these photos make me smile so much. You have done such a wonderful job in creating the perfect party for Lucas... I am so happy it was such a success!! What fun times was had by all.
Beautiful and magical... I am sure he will remember this for years and years to come!

Good job!

Maebius said...

Looks like a wonderful and fun-filled party. The best kind!

Turtleheart said...

The party looks like it was wonderful, and everyone having so much fun! It is amazing to see how much Lucas has grown in these pictures, compared to the ones from when you first started blogging!

Happy (belated) birthday, Lucas!