Friday, November 13, 2009

Quickly Update

Helo, everybody!

This week I didn't blogged as much as I use and love to. But for a good cause, I've been all busy these days with orders from my Etsy! :o) That's simply great, and surely makes me feel a bit better about Christmas for Lucas! LOL I mean, since I know my ex won't help me on this, it's perfect to get some income right now.

Next week I'll be back with my boring posts for your torture! hehehe

Only one thing: I'm so, but so pissed off with our Brazilian President, Lula. Can't stand this man no more. He's so desperate because after two consecutive mandates he'll have to pass his power to someone else next year, he's now trying at all costs to stay, and travels all the time around the globe with his false image of a good President. Arght. I'm sick with it. Maybe another day I'll post more deeply about it. Hate politics.

Hope everybody have a great weekend, in case we don't talk then!

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Anonymous said...

Nydia, you are too funny! Your posts are never boring and I enjoy reading them. Glad to hear Etsy is working well for you.

What is this world coming to? Sorry to hear such problems with Brazilian politicians, but US is no better so you have lots of company. We all must stand strong and hope for the best!


Nar said...

Nydia, I don't think I've ever had a chance to tell you how much I love your name. I also love everything in your Etsy shop! I wish I had a debit card to use online but my Turkish bank card doesn't work like that. Boo!

Lilac Wolf (angie) said...

Good to know he isn't as good as he makes it out to be. I have to admit I was waiting for the Bush administration to pull something so they could keep power. Happy it didn't happy, but it's always a fear. I hope they don't let him do it.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ha ha those politicians are the same the world around! Aren't they boring and irritating!!!

Powell River Books said...

That's great news about your store! I have a friend here in town that has one, but I don't think her's has taken off as well. I know Lucas will be a happy boy (well, even happier) as a results. - Margy

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

I'm sorry about your president, but I'm glad you're busy with orders!

You are being previewed for our giveaway on today's post, so hopefully you'll get even more orders!


Tammie Lee said...

congratulations on your etsy sales, this is very exciting!

Dragonstar said...

Politicians are all the same, whatever country they come from. I think anyone who says they want to go into politics needs locking away until they come to their senses ;)

Great news about your Etsy shop. You deserve some good luck.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are busy with orders! That's wonderful!

Rue said...

Ugh - I hate politics too!

I'm so glad your Etsy store is going well! I hope you sell out for Xmas!

Bridgett said...

Yay for Etsy orders!!! :)

And politics do doesn't seem to matter what country you live in.

Big hugs!


Danni said...

I always love your posts, but after popping by your Etsy I can see why you haven't been around! All of your new Gods and Goddesses are beautiful! Hope your sales continue straight on through the holidays!