Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I've never liked cemeteries. Mind me, in Brazil 99% of them are ugly, with no nature around, nor trees, not even a bit of grass. Only concrete under, above, on the sides, as you can see above, Petropolis' (those sparse trees don't count, they're there before it was built!). And the smell of dead flowers in the air. Thus, I never ever go to a cemetery unless there's no other way, like when my dad, my gradma and my older sister died. After funeral, I never return for leaving flowers or whatever. Not my stuff, I respect those who like going to, etc. I just don't feel comfortable there, too opressive.

So imagine my surprise when my sweet little witch asked me to visit the local cemetery on our way back from the park! Yesterday was Dia dos Mortos like in many other places, and he was all curious about it.

As we walk almost in front of it, I just couldn't say no, and of course, I managed to sound natural when accepting his idea. And there we went, walking into the place as if goin to a zoo. Lucas would stop at the first line of graves and ask me, "who's buried here, and here"?

We walked along the lanes, until getting to where my dad and my sister's graves are. Thre we stopped and Lucas wanted to pray a bit (after confirming with me that the Goddess would listen to him even into a catholic cemetery), then we left the place and went home.

The experience was good in the end. It made things look as they are, it made his imagination calm down, and it obviously quenched his curiosity. This way he won't imagine that skeletons and ghouls (...) are around, and it's a place where we can go and leave safely.
He knows I don't visitng these places, but it was important for him. But I do hope this was the last time, for a long time from now!

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Anonymous said...

Kids just love cemeteries and I think it's good you took him even if they aren't that attractive in Brazil. Are those like tombs in the photo above ground? I can't tell exactly.

Dragonstar said...

Here also the graves are packed in, with very little nature. Some are well-kept, others are not. The cemetary is in two parts, split by the main road, and the lower part is separated from a carparl by a low wall. Not a place of comfort, but still not a place to fear.
You did well to go along with Lucas' wishes. Nothing inflames the imagination more than lack of information. I can't believe he'll be at all interested in frequent visits - there's really nothing for him there!

Rue said...

I understand from your picture, why you wouldn't want to spend much time there!

How sensitive of Lucas to want to go there, and then think to pray for the 'residents.' He's so grown up!

Tori said...

I don't feel comfortable in cemetaries no matter how beautiful they are. It was nice of you to bring Lucas there, though. Like you said, it is important for him to know that he can walk in and out of one safely.

Rebecca said...

That is great that you took him despite your own dislike of graveyards-you are such a good mom Nydia! I love that he said a prayer too-what a great experience for him!
Have a wonderful day!

Hoi Sum

This Guy said...

Wow! Lucas is SO Curious! That is amazing. I totally agree with you, I am not a cemetary dweller either. Both my grandparents are burried just outside of town and I feel no desire to go "visit" them there. First, I know only their remains are there, and secondly I have more quality time baking with my grams using her old crystal canisters and baking tools then dropping off flowers. Totally know what you mean. You are right tho, so important for lucas to experience the whole cemetary deal tho... Does the Goddess listen in a catholic cementary? ;) hehehehe So cute!!

Looks like you had an amazing Beltane too!! We had a wonderful Samhain here, I forget sometimes you are on the other side of the world, well at least the lower half anyways ;)

Its crappy that I missed out on Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween, but I am back with a laptop now, so expect to hear more of me! hehehe

Have a GREAT week! I always think about you and Lucas, hope you both are doing very well! :)

Bret xoxo

Enchanted Dawn said...

I love how you always turn situations into learning experiences for Lucas. You are the best mom!

I can see why you would be uncomfortable visiting cemeteries, if they all look as crowded and forlorn as the one in the picture. I am fortunate that my deceased relatives are in a very beautiful cemetery-- it is almost like a parkland, with a pond, swans, a fountain, colorful trees, sculpture. Its a very beautiful and peaceful place. I don't think I'd be so comfortable visiting a cemetery like the one pictured, it would feel creepy, I imagine. But I'm glad you were able to go for Lucas' sake, and now that his curiosity is satisfied, perhaps you won't have to worry about going back any time soon!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like the situation turned out well for both of you in the end. :)