Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating Beltane

This year we celebrated our Beltane in our simple way as usual. This time I couldn't afford to prepare any special meals, but we did our dance around a improvised maypole, using three colored satin ribbons and my mom's line handle. Of course, this was one the best part for Lucas.

In the afternoon, along with my sister Claudia (who was spending the weekend in Petropolis with her family, is not pagan but loves my son to death), we decorated our white candles with colored pens, inscribing magik symbols representing the sabbath, like flames, mayoples, pentagrams, suns an even an Algiz on Lucas', just because he knows this is my favorite rune.

In the evening, we both wrote our good wishes on pieces of paper, to be burnt on our cauldrons during the ritual. Another best part for Lucas, since this was the first time he did write his own wishes by himself with his cute hand-writting. When he finished writting, he asked me, "what else can I wish? I already have everything I need!" Obviously, that melted my heart.

Lucas prayed in silence after opening the circle, in front of his altar, and then we repeat the whole process in front of my altar. We watched in the dark until the flames in both cauldrons starved, while focusing in all the good things we wish for our lives, hoping they'll come true.

After that, we simply went to bed, and that was our Beltane night! I thanked for being blessed with my sweet son, and asked for strenght to keep in motion.

I hope you all had a good Samhain & Halloween!

7 comentários:

Tori said...

It sounds like even though it was a simple celebration it was very loving. May all your Beltane wishes come true! <3

Danni said...

Your Beltaine sounded beautiful and filled with love. Lucas is such a sweet boy, and I hope all of your Beltaine wishes come true!

Maebius said...

Sounds like a very Blessed Beltaine indeed. :) Simple can still be profound, and it's awesome your little witch is so humble and wise, not needing anything but your love.

Powell River Books said...

It sounds like a very important day for both of you. I enjoyed learning a bit about it. - Margy

Dragonstar said...

A perfect celebration Nydia. Lucas is so special, and so are you.

Bridgett said...

That sounds like an absolutely special Beltane to me. :)


Enchanted Dawn said...

Sending you lots of (belated) Beltane blessings! What a lovely little ritual you and Lucas shared.