Friday, October 31, 2008

Soul Coaching!

Tomorrow we start Jamie's Soul Coaching. I'm excited! I think that everybody needs, at least once in a lifetime, to deeply dive into ourselves and see what lies beneath. And that's what I intend to do in November, with Jamie's precious helping hand. I'll probably start at a slow pace, because... You know why!
I created a new blog just for recording my thoughts and progress in the journey, and it is displayed on my sidebar, so if anyone wants to see how things are going and leave a comment here and there, just have to click on the image that it will immediately link you to the page.
We meet tomorrow, you friends who'll journey with me!

3 comentários:

This Guy said...

We meet tomorrow! :) I can't wait to do the Soul Coaching, its the perfect time of the year, the beauty of the fall is slowly fading, and I'm starting to feel the effects of having less sun. Its a good time to start taking some Vitamin D too! ;)

Anywho, can't wait until tomorrow! I will check out the new blog too!

BIG HUGS!!! Happy Samhain!
Bret xoxo

Tori said...

I cannot wait to begin this! I am so excited. I considered making a new blog for it, but decided against it. I'll just post more than usual on this one. xP

Can't wait to see how your journey goes. Happy Beltane!

Roan said...

I'll be watching your new blog with interest. BJ