Friday, October 10, 2008

About Children's Day

Turtle asked about the origins of this day here in Brazil. I had to make some research, because this is one of those things you don't think about, it's like it has always been here!

In 1920, a deputy named Galdino do Valle Filho had the idea of creating a day specially to the children. The other congressmen aproved the idea, and October 12th became officially Children's Day by the then President Arthur Bernardes, in 1924.

But only in 1960, when the Brazilian toys' factory "Sol" decided promoting along with Johnson & Johnson the Robust Baby Week in October, to increase their sales, the date was taken from the bottom of the forgotten trunk and really started being celebrated, until nowadays. It became a very important day for all the toys' and other children articles' companies, for obvious reasons!

Unfortunately this marketing side is very strong and we are crushed under tons of TV ads demanding parents to buy the fanciest, most expensive toys you can imagine. At home, we are very careful on this subject. Lucas knows we cannot buy him everything that is announced, and thanks gods, he's not a spoiled boy (believe me or not! LOL) and we focus in other aspects to make it a fun, memorable day. We're lucky that there are, as I said, many events going on, so we can choose something to entertain him, outdoors and indoors! We decided taking him to our second favourite park, in Ipanema, where there will be a mini Circus (with no animals), with clowns, jugglers, magicians, face paintings... Hope the weather truly helps!

This week the manager of the building where we live was gathering donations in the form of old toys, for an orphanage in another neighbourhood, and last Tuesday Lucas chose many of his toys to give too. He was all proud when realized that two bags were full of toys, and that other children would be able to own and play with. He really wanted to personally give them to the guy in charge, slowly walking along the corridor with the heavy bags. That was cute.

But I learned through Wikipedia that "in 1954 the United Nations General Assembly suggested that all nations should observe a Universal Children's Day in 20 November as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world's children.
The date of 20 November marks the day in 1959 when the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, and is often the day chosen by countries as their own designated day to observe Universal Children's Day."
If I were you guys out there, I'd start celebrating this special day in November!

4 comentários:

Tori said...

That's interesting! Thanks for looking into this and posting it for us!

Dragonstar said...

Thanks for all this information Nydia - it's saved me a load of research! It really is a good idea, but I don't fancy a toy-buying spree so close to Solstice/Christmas!!!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Nydia, you should be so proud of your son! And yourself for raising such a sweet, generous young man!

Turtleheart said...

Well, duh, I guess I could have checked Wikipedia! I didn't even think of it... so thank you for doing it for me! LOL

Too bad the holiday centers around so much commercialism (like all holidays seem to, anymore) but it's great that you are showing Lucas it is about more than just the toys. You are such a good mom! And Lucas is learning to be such a generous young man from you. If only more parents were like you!