Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged again!

The sweet and cool Boho Mom just tagged me for the six random things about myself!
I loved the be allowed to talk (more???) about myself again. Since I'm hre at work with zero to do and dying to go home to see my sick little witch, here I go!
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
What else can I say about myself that you don't know already? LOL
1. My right minimum finger has four falanges - believe me or not, go figure it, and so on...
2. I'm chocolate addicted. I should and I must and I eventually will get over it, but by now, I just can't live without at least a weekly huge bar of sweet chocolate with crispies.
3. When I was 14 I was absolutely in love with Michael Jackson, knew all his songs and choreographies - thanks MTV - but never had any of his albums. Believe me or not, go figure it, and so on...
4. When I love a new song, I listen to it over and over again. It's insane, but it's soooo good! I can't help it. Lucas goes like, "but again, mom?" LOL
5. I love horror movies (except "The Exorcist" - too much for me), but if I watch them, I can't go to sleep alone, I annoy Rodrigo until he comes to bed too, even if he wants to watch something else, like sometimes it happens (I fall asleep faster than him, he's got a mild case of insomnia). How pathetic isit? Sad but true. And I call myself a witch. This one my son doesn't know about.
6. Since an early age, gods know why, since I have never got stuck anywhere, when I go to a new indoor place, I imediately learn where the emergency exit is, and also check any other possible escape route. Everything at a quicly look around. One never knows... Now how weird a person's mind can be?!
Now the fun and hard part, tagging 6 other of my bloggy friends. Just one thing: if you don't like to be tagged, please let me know, or from time to time I'll torture you!!! :o)
1. My sweet friend whom I call Miss Dragon, from Dragon Days.
2. Another sweet soul that I love talking to, Lilith, from Crunchy Loving Mom.
3. Patty, aka Autumn, from the coolest A Haunting We Will Go, the best blog to learn about haunted places, it's a must!
4. Janet, one of my artist friends, from her beautiful Artopia.
5. Delena, the raving, inspiring mind behind iGoddess page.
6. Michele, my sweet (and strong!) friend, from The Rocky Mountain Retreat.
Hope you all have fun with this!

6 comentários:

Tori said...

Mmm, chocolate. I am a chocolate addict, too! Who doesn't love chocolate though? xP

Janet said...

Chocolate I can understand but I'm not a fan of horror movies!

I'll try to do this one soon.

Turtleheart said...

I'm the same way with new songs-- or CD's; if I like something, I listen to it over and over again.

I love horror movies, too! I have a special fondness for An American Werewolf in London, I love that one. Cable TV has been showing several of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween movies/sequels quite a bit during October for Halloween.

Patty said...

Thank you for tagging me. I just got tagged for this yesterday and posted it so I must have had ESP and known I should do it ha ha.

Randilin said...

So the bad news is I tagged you this morning at 950 am

love ya

Dragonstar said...

Thank you love. I'll get to it soon - promise!