Thursday, October 9, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday - Rita Lee!

Hello everybody! Thursday is around again with Favourite Things Thursday hosted by our friend Blue  whose Favourite today, by the way, it's a PERFECT CHOICE! Go and see what I mean...
I was thinking about something favourite to post today when the radio started playing one of them! The amazing artist Rita Lee.
I can't tell you how much I love her voice & talent. Since my childhood she's a constant on my radio and Lp player. She's an amazing artist, singer, composer, guitar, flute and percussion player, child's books writer.
Born in São Paulo in 1947, her father an american imigrant and her mother Italian, she kind of always knew her place was on stage. In '66 she joined the band Mutantes, pioneers in mixing rock with Brazilian thematic, leaving in '72 for her successful solo career. Her clear voice singing songs with smart, fun and romantic lyrics never stopped being a hit in this country up to now.  She's a camaleon, avid for new rhythms and super-active.
My childhood favourites, when I would go dancing like crazy for hours on our living room, were Lança-Perfume, with fun, sweet lyrics about love, and also Baila Comigo, where she describes what she would like to be, a bird, a lazy indian, a flower, just to dance. And for the Halloween atmosphere, there's her Doce Vampiro. For a goofy child like I was, it used to be great listening to her high-spirited songs, and to watch her fun performances on TV. She's got a special place i my heart. And up to nowadays, she's a successful musician with a new phase, bringing Bossa Nova back to Rio.
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4 comentários:

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of her, but she sounds fascinating!
Perhaps I'll have to check out her music.
Have a great day!

Tori said...

I've never heard of her either! She does sound interesting. There are a few singers who will always hold a place in my heart too.

Roan said...

I haven't heard of her either, but seems I must check out her music. I enjoy all kinds of music and Rita sounds like someone I would enjoy. BJ

Kyanite said...

The arts are todays Fav. Thing.
BJ did dance & both you & Fairy Mae music.
Rita Lee is also new to me & another artist for me to check out.