Friday, August 6, 2010

Keeping the strenght

The quote above is on of my favorites, something we should always remember, and practice, because it helps a lot cleaning our minds from the bad habit of often "playing" with bad thougths. Not an easy task though. Specially when it's 2am like right now, and mind defenses are so down. If there's something that truly disturbs me is when I catch myself with negative stuff crossing my mind and heart. Wee hours are full of mist and can lead me to my heart's hungry and dehydrated portion, that craves for love but simply can't trust after so many disillusionments, and became too cynical about it.

That's why I keep chocking it under tons of strenght and indifference so I can't hear it complain. Does it make any sense?

Sorry for the venting, but even the super-naturally-optmistic witch here has her bad days, and I decided not hiding it.

.. And that's what leads me back to this quote, my mantra these days that cheers me up!

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Danni said...

I spent all of last night awake feeling anxious and battling demons of my own as well. I'm wondering if there was some astrological happening that shifted our hearts to the dark side all at once since several people seem to have had the same problem.

It makes sense that you try to keep the demons quiet by keeping your strength up and it's always good to vent. It may not seem like it does much, but just naming the thoughts in your heart and sharing the fears with others can take away a lot of their powers over you.

*hugs* Lots and lots of love to you my dear.

Anonymous said...

Nydia, you are not alone. For some reason when I go to bed at night sometimes I will lay there and I'm not able to fall asleep. I'm tired and that's when my defenses are down and I start getting anxious and thinking bad and negative thoughts. I try to catch myself and chase those negative thoughts away with good positive thoughts, but its not always easy.

Hang in there. Try to stay positive and focused and remind yourself that better days are ahead.

Lots of love and kisses!

Anonymous said...

The nights are the worse for me. This is where I second guess any decisions I have made. So I am right there with you. So many hugs and positive energy coming your way.


Dragonstar said...

It's so bad to have these nights. Things always seem so black, and there seems to be no future at all. It's just as well that daylight usually improves things! I hope you get some proper sleep soon.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Many years ago I, thinking I was alone in the feelings you are having now, would spend time pondering the why of my as you put it being in the myst. I even gave a name to it....the thoughts I called wooly boggers. Cute name, terrible feelings. Then I internalized these fears, thoughts, angers and it has been a long road back from where I allowed my heart, mind and soul to go. The last 11 years have been bliss in comparison. Your mantra quote is wonderful. Advise from a crone would be.....heed it now so you can have a long "happy" life.

Janet said...

The quote is one of my favorites, too. I think we all have those times when "bad" thoughts enter our mind. After all we're only human! But if we don't let ourselves stay there then that's good. Just keep thinking lots and lots of good, positive thoughts and they will drown out the bad ones.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

As You say, we should think like that, but sometimes it´s just to hard.
Have a great day now!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Ugh, night time is when the thoughts start running and we are tired and open to the bad thoughts. Just remember that the morning always brings something better!