Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun in Da House

We had a wonderful birthday party for Lucas. It was worthy preparing the goodies, from carrot cake, bringadeiros and treats bags (that I made) to hot-dogs and other yummies (my awesome mom made, and she's got a stupid flu this morning, my poor sweetie!). Whatever we prepare to someone we love, with all the problems that may happen along the way until everything is ready, is so worthy when we see the smile on the person's face! Specially when this someone is a little witch always so sweet to me - he deserves it and so much more, I know very well how blessed I am.

The weather was also fantastic, sunny and not too cold.

Lucas's best friend came and played all afternoon with him, my Aunt Sandra from Rio also came with two elder aunts we adore, and my family was together celebrating the day. The only negative note was that my brother Evaldo was photographing in the morning, and when coming home for the party, he fell on the sidewalk and injuried his right hand (as you can see in one of the pics)! But luckly he's left-handed and it won't disturb his work too much, but it sucks to have the hand wrapped like a mummy!

The fun chaos lasted from noon to sunset, and my little witch was happy with all the love and cool time among his favorite people.

I can't believe that tomorrow he'll be 7! Seems like it was yesterday that he was that tiny baby in my arms...

Tomorrow, after taking care of mom and her flu, against her will (lol), I'll take Lucas to have a special day off. I plan to take him to watch Shrek, then eat wherever he wants - he said he wanted to eat at Spoleto, one of our fav pasta restaurants, but he may change his mind till then. After that, we'll probably go to the bookstore hunt some treasures for him, and buy something with the money his dad sent. It's going to be fun anyway!

5 comentários:

Enchanted Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas! He is growing like a weed, and more handsome all the time. Looks like a wonderful time with family & friends at his party, such fun to see.

Christina:) said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas. Wonderful pictures. Blessed be!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas! He is so handsome and looks so happy!

Enjoy your special day together. Children grow up so fast! Hope your mom and brother are feeling well soon.


Rue said...

Wonderful photos - I'm so happy Lucas had a great day!

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

A belated but heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lucas from all of us