Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And more giveaways and goodies at my door...

I've been really lucky lately concerning giveaways! :o)

This time what arrived was Jules's book I won at her Mooncat Farms Meanderings. A lovely witchy fantasy story with all the Nature magic we witches adore reading. I'll miss Kata when I finish the book this week! She was sweet and also sent me a couple of beautiful cards from her Etsy shop, that deserve being framed:

And last week my gorgeous witch friend Eva sent Lucas a very cool drawing set just in time for his birthday, that he immediatly started using for creating his dragons, monsters and castles:

And she made this super-lovely mermaid that is now hanging right in front of me, on my computer screen. It came on a cute tin can, I love her!:

Thank you girls for one more love across the ocean! :o)

Soon I'll be hosting a Goddess giveaway here, I feel blessed and want to thank you all with a little fun time, so stay tuned!

4 comentários:

Mother Moon said...

you have got to be the luckiest one... but then you do deserve all those things... enjoy... blessings.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

congratulations on your winnings, how very special....XXOO The Olde Bagg

Unknown said...

It was a prize package sent with much love my friend! I'm glad it arrived safely.

Hugs to you and Lucas,

Rue said...

What great surprises you are getting in your mailbox!

Books are the best present, but crayons are pretty great too!