Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full Moon Dreamboard

I finally got my dreamboard ready for Sacred Suzie's challenge. I say challenge because for me it was a real one. Isn't it a controversy that being pagan and Gemini and usually eloquent, I couldn't find a way to express what my dreams are this month? Probably because it's my first dreamboard, I was all franticly trying to find special images to make it, and none of my magazines had what I wanted. Guess next time I'll get a bunch of old ones (always the best ones for me) on a second-hand bookstore and keep them just for that.

So when I was feeling deeply frustrated for not being able to start it, a lamp flashed over my head: why not search at Internet? Maybe not the best thing, but I could finally separate some things, cut them out and start mounting my dreamboard, that came up like this:

Very simple, very obvious... and I think, very self-explanatory... Wish I had made something fancy, drawn a colored border, but only after it was sent to Suzie I thought about these little details. But what matters is the intention, and it is very clear to me, at least.

I was talking about it with Rodrigo last Friday, and Lucas, listening to me, wanted to make his own dreamboard - of course! He's a little guy who loves participating in everything we do, and I think it's wonderful, I always stimulate him to join me in whatever he finds interesting. Being a child, he's very objective and immediately found what he wanted in the magazines I had at hand, asked me to cut them out for him, and made some drawings. Here's what his little mind expressed:

The meaning: the triple moon to honor, the sun - because this month (is almost Winter here and the Sun is very capricious for his taste) he wants a lot of sun and beautiful nights. Then he draw a flower because he think it's good to have them around; images representing a starry night, because he loves it too, an OM symbol for more peace at home (he said I was calling his attention too much, his own words...it's true, he's being such a little smarty these days, not obeying, etc. It's a phase, it will pass, but I'm firm with him, so the complaint LOL), and fruits because he loves them and need them to live. Oh, and his own signature (learning to write, every chance is for writting). I thought it was cute!

So tomorrow night we'll make our little Esbat ritual now with a new meaning, calling the energy to make our dreams come true. I really recommend it as a tool to help focusing, and strenghtening purposes. Can't wait to see the awesome dreamboards the other bloggers had came up with!

6 comentários:

Kyanite said...

Love both dreamboards, they are lovely reflect such lovely thoughts.
Was admiring the full moon last night from my bedroom - it had such a misty wsitful glow.


Suzie Ridler said...

They're both absolutely perfect and I was completely honoured you both participated and put so much love and energy into them. They're up on my blog, launched to the moon.

Dragonstar said...

Lovely. Isn't it great that Lucas is so keen to participate?

turningwheelfarm said...

I love both your dreamboards! What a fun project to do together! Thanks for visiting me. I will bookmark you and visit your blog again. Happy Full Moon. :)

Green Womyn said...

What a nice idea!

Miss Robyn said...


thankyou so much for visiting my blog and I am happy to find that you are also wiccan... me too, in my own eclectic way
love your dreamboard.. a deeper connection.. yes, me too.. I wish for a deeper connection to earth, to all that is....
I have a bundle of old magazines and old books that i use for collage and they come in handy for things like dreamboards.. I cut out words and picture for my journal
Love Lucas's dreamboard too... may all his dreams come true!