Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Wheel of the Year

I follow the Old Path for almost 11 years now, and after Lucas was born, I kept my routine of celebrating Sabbaths and Esbats and performing my rituals, so for him is just natural to see our altar in our kitchen case, to have the smell of candles and incenses at home, and to see mom focused on whichever ritual I'm at the moment. For more "personal" rituals, I prefer to perform after he's asleep, because it's still a bit complicated and deep for him to understand and participate - actually there are some things he doesn't need to participate at all. But since he became a little grown up, he simply demands to be part of the sabbaths and esbats celebrations.
Thus, to help him understanding the myth of the Wheel of the Year, and to memorize the sequence of special days along the year, I took this beautiful picture from Internet (by the way, if anyone knows to whom this wheel belong, please let me know so I can credit it here!), had it plastified at a paper shop, and I put a magnet the same size behind it. Then I placed it at our fridge door, so we can follow up the changing of the sabbaths by moving the little white butterfly magnet around the wheel. It's a success at home, and Lucas now antecipates our celebrations. Guess it's a good idea for pagan moms and dads with preeschoolers!

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Marcia said...

Great start to your blog! It's hard for me to remember to post something every now and then, but I've been trying to remember to keep up with it more. I finally figured out how to tweak my blog background and such so now I'm MUCH happier with it and more excited to get on it!

Much love!