Friday, June 11, 2010

Proud son... Prouder mom!

I got moved last afternoon when I went picking up my little witch at school.. There was this ceremony where all fundamental grades gathered to receive a certificate for their Cultural Marathon that is held every year. 50 questions encompassing subjects they study such as maths, portuguese and english, history, geography and sciences. Lucas won the first place of his grade! He got all questions right, and it was sweet to watch him shyly walking to the stage to receive his certificate and a kiss from the teachers. This surely will help a lot on his last troubles at school, remember? His self-steem now is over the top! LOL

Btw, I didn't update you guys on his last trauma: his art teacher, who's also the phsycologist, told me last week that he's reacting very well to his own problems, and his drawings show no sign of anger, anguish or anxiety. Just the usual skulls, castles, pirate ships, dragons, sea monsters and warriors he loves so much creating. He's still a little bit fragile at home, specially at bed time, but his confidence grows each day. That was really and only a bad phase, but obviously I keep a sharp eye on him, and make him feel loved as he must be.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Andréann said...

Congratulation Lucas!!
great he has something to boost his confidence :D

Andréann said...

oh, and I just saw your question :)
We'll be having it in a "house of birth" which is really a house on the second floor and midwifes offices on the first. We'll have our own bedroom and will eat in a real kitchen and having a proper bathroom with the most gorgeous bathtub!
There's even a balcony, when I was in labor with mariann I spent most of the day on the balcony eating strawberries :P
they also have all the emergency equipment like incubator and IV, which are rarely used anyway. + everyone there is so nice and supportive :)

Rue said...

Yay Lucas! Good job!

I'm so glad he's finding his own self again. It's good that the teachers are noticing too!

Janet said...

Well done, Lucas!! That's quite an achievement!

It's good that he's building self-confidence. We all need a lot of that!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Lucas has big brains, just like his mommy!

For bedtime, it's hard to make a transition. The transition part is the part that unsettles him, I think. Could you put in some "traditions" that are always followed? I had to do that with my son, because he would go bonkers without the sequential structure. He did NOT handle transitions well. I don't either.

Maebius said...

Great job!!!
I'm sure you are quite the proud mom, of such a wonderful little witch.

Also glad to hear his stress is getting better, with less anxiety and such.

Nydia said...

Andréann, I so admire you for this, wish I could have done the same when I had my baby boy, lots of stress are gone in this environment!

Holly, I keep our long-time bedtime tradition of praying to the goddess using the words he make up with me - he loves this and I see he feels safe folling it every night, and yes, he's got a hard time in dealing with this. But it's funny... In all occasions where transitions were called, at a click of his own he would be okay, when I wasn't even expecting yt. So I believe it's a matter of time for him to "wake up" for this phase. He's really sweet and is edaling with growing up with a brave little heart...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nydia...

Congratulations to Lucas! That is quite an achievement you both should be proud of!

I'm not surprised he is doing better. He has a GREAT mom who loves and supports him more than life itself. Your love for one another is so obvious.

Marci aka Marlyn

Dragonstar said...

Oh Nydia, you must be so proud of him! You're right, it must work wonders for his self-esteem. I'm so glad he's getting through that phase of anxiety. He's such a brave, clever boy.

Powell River Books said...

Good job Lucas! I know how much work went into getting such an honour! - Margy