Thursday, June 24, 2010

... And more giveaway goodies at my door

I was super-lucky to win more awesome prizes almost in a row, and two of them arrived exactly on Yule evening. Is there a better day to get goodies from witch friends? :)

First I got this lovely porcelain vintage heart box from Jaz, from Octoberfarm. It's so delicate and beautiful!

Jaz was sweet and sent some yummy treats to Lucas, who was like daydreaming over them...

Right after that, we got this oh so beautiful witchy brooch from Linda, from Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts:

As you can see, it is in a place of honor, at my big green candle, bringing me good vibes during my rituals and prayers.

But the best part of her parcel was given by her wonderful granddaughter, Gerea. She was so beautiful and sent Lucas a protection spell into a sweetly crafted spell holder, so my little witch could read it before sleeping and keep it safe under his pillow without messing the spell paper. I translated it on the back of the paper, and my little witch is reading it every night, he adored the feeling that someone almost his age cared to create this magickal tool to help him to get over his hard times and worries. Now he's all proud having a big sister in the U.S.:

And just to close the day, Holly - as usual - also spoiled my little witch with these cool temp tattoos, that he immediately got to his hands to show off at school!

It was great getting all this love from across the ocean, I was much in need of this! So thank you, awesome ladies, who brought smiles to our faces at Yule evening! :o)

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Ponderosa Pagan said...

The gifts all look amazing!
I wanted to let you know I joined you on Monday and I just posted a blog about it.
Also if you can send some healing vibes to my home town. There is a huge fire burning in the forest. There are pics in the entry.
hope you are having a great day!
blessed be

Andréann said...

Oh my gods! I have the very same little heart box!!
well, I think it's stayed at my mom's. But it has been on my dresser for so many year... Was filled with "special" jewelry.

Lucas looks so happy with his treats, lucky boy!

Mother Moon said...

it is so much fun getting surprises in the mail...

Rue said...

Lovely people deserve lovely gifts! I'm so glad you and Lucas are getting spoiled!

Illustrated Ink said...

What lovely treasures!!

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

I just love Lucas' happy face clutching his sweet treasures!