Thursday, June 3, 2010

.. And more giveaway goodies arriving at Mosela Street

This time it was the adorable Lion cabochon I won from Marie Segal, the incredibly talented artist and sweet soul from Art from my Heart.

She knew I planned to give it to my little witch, since he is a Leo, born in August. Then she turned it into a magnet that he could place to his altar's cauldron.
He was thrilled opening the envelope...

And finding a lovely card specially made for him!

The lion magnet was immediately put on his place of honour:

And she was sweet by adding an extra gift for me: a cute Magick stone that I loved and is now on my altar, just by my big candle and bottle of plants:

Marie has an Etsy shop where you can find her gorgeous art!

Thank you for the gifts, Marie, you made our day! :o)

4 comentários:

Andréann said...

Lucas looks so happy with his little lion :)
I'm gonna have a Leo too, don't know what to expect really :S but seing Lucas is one makes me less scared ahah!

Receiving such lovely thing for free by the mail feels awesome, I know it now! ahah ;)

Mother Moon said...

her peices are so beautiful... you lucky thing you.. Lucas looks too happy...

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh, such nice work she does!

Lucas looks like such a cutie, as always!!!

Brian said...

Lucas is always so damn happy....such a cutie!!!