Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lucas' trip & New Year's Eve

I survived (so far...)! :o)

Yesterday morning Rodrigo arrived around 10am due to the rain to take Lucas(it's been raining cats and dogs every afternoon, incredible storms that I recorded with my camera for later post, beautiful). He came with a taxi driver we know, and brought my pre-historic computer, my witchy books (how I missed Starhawk and Louis Bourne!), my non-wotchy books (my Stephen Kings!!), baby Lucas' photo albums (I went through tehm all with my mom and my brother!), some of my favorite decorative stuff like Turtle's beautiful candle holders. Lucas was so excited to see his dad after four months! Rodrigo was very nice with all of us, and very emotional when hold Lucas again in his arms. He had his hair cut, which makes him look younger and healthier. He treated me very kindly, the opposite of the last months we were together. This is good, maybe he's learning his lesson well for his future relationships.

My little witch showed him all his brand-new toys Santa brought, and also the fishes. It was funny to watch him so excited!

Everything was okay. They left half-an-hour later, Lucas on the back seat playing with his Ben 10 game. I made a little felt doll with lots of protective signs on its body and my perfume to carry on his bag, just by chance... My heart was so heavy and small after he left, but I know this is part of the process, we need to share, I need to let go, and so on.

I had to go downtown for some errands, and this way my mind could get used a little bit to his absence. But OF COURSE, a migraine exploded, NOT for my surprise... When I got home I took my Ormigren and rested for a couple of hours until it was gone. It was when I got up to the silence in the house, that struck me, and I cried a river at the kitchen, missing my little boy so much. After that, I felt better, and breathed again more easily, and I could called them to see if the trip was alright. Lucas talked to me all happy and said he loves me. Sweet!

Today I'm really feeling better. It's incredible how weird it is not to listen to his voice, his laughing, not to take care of him. It's like losing an arm. Thank the gods is only for one month. Seems like that's how things must be so I can once again grow up and mature, since nothing happens by chance. All I do is to think that he will be fine, they will take good care of him, he will have lots of fun, and by the end of January, he will be back, full of fun stories about his "rural adventures".

People, thank you so, so much for your awesome words, you can't imagine how wonderful it was to me to read them all, how they made me feel better. My family is here with me with all their support, of course, they're amazing, but my friends' support is equally important and vital to me, this dramatic Brazilian mom. And Boho, thank you so much for the spell, I started it last night, and it made me feel good having something witchy to do everyday, I'll keep it to the end.

Tonight I'm going with my mother to Araruama, a beach town (or better, a lagoon town), to spend the New year's holidays at her cousins' house. A lovely couple that I do love since I was a little girl. It will be great to be there, sunbathing until getting really tanned, and relaxing at a beautiful place. I wasn't feeling like going, but last night I decided it would be better to go than staying at home with nothing to do. At least there I can relax by the pool, take long walks by the lagoon, and enjoying their company. Time will pass faster this way. I'll be back around January 4th or 5th. As there's no Internet at the place (but there are cyber cafes, maybe I'll be offline, for your relief! :o)

I wish everybody a wonderful end of the year, wishing you all the best energy you all wished for me and Lucas. You're all in my heart, and I do hope we can keep our friendship next year. Kisses and love from me to you.

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Divaeva said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I envy your time on the beach! Happy New Year my sweet Nydia! *hugs*

Rue said...

Have a wonderful time at your mom's cousin's place - it sounds wonderful! Rest and relax and Lucas will be back before you know it!

Tamara said...

Oooooh it must be so hard!! My thoughts are with you honee. Just enjoy your vacation, relax, and things will be back to normal soon. :)

Janet said...

I'm so glad it went well with Rodrigo. That makes it so much better for Lucas, too. Now you go enjoy your vacation time, relax, think happy thoughts and before you know it Lucas will be home again.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Glad Rodrigo is on his best behavior!! He'd better be!!!

You poor thing, I hope you have fun, yes, try to relax, this is just a little bit of time apart, when Lucas is a teen you will be begging for him to go visit his dad, lol...

Patty said...

Hello My Dear Friend
I am checking in with you late but wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and little Lucus on his trip. Dont be sad he will be home again before you know it. Enjoy your New Years

Bridgett said...

Hopefully the month will fly by for you and Lucas will be back in your arms before you know it!

I hope you're enjoying your beach getaway.

Happy 2010!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

~hugs~ I understand so much my dear friend!

Every holiday I take little Faithie for 1-2 weeks, then I have to take her to the airport, put her on a plane by herself and wait for it to lift off before I leave... alone.

It kills me everytime to be alone on the drive home, and then to find the articles left behind, like discarded pages of a book waiting to be reunited with the binding...

You will find time to fill those spaces when he is gone, but thankfully.... he's only gone a short time.

Much love to you and Lucas! I love sharing your life with you...

Warm Blessings,

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

Hey.. I just saw what was going on in Brazil with the mudslides.

I have a horrible feeling and am hoping you and Lucas are alright as well as your family.

Please let us know!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Nydia, you are coping wonderfully!! I am so happy that you are able to find a bit of calm and peace at a time that must be sooooo difficult for you.
You're right though, everything happens for a reason and you & Lucas will be just fine.

May this new year be an exciting and wonderful healing journey for you both!

Naukishtae said...

Be at peace Little Sister.. seperation tears at your heart, but it will heal when Lucas returns.. may the Goddess bless you both as you are separated from each other.. may your heart be uplifted, and may you gain strength from Her.. Be Blessed, may the Goddess cover you with Her wings, and comfort you each day that Lucas is gone...


Crafty Chick said...

Hello Sweet Friend~
It has been far too long, I know! I had to pop in to read up on how your holidays and Sabbat went. I wish you a wonderful 2010- a restful vacation and a speedy & joyful reuinion with your Lucas. I know those feelings of sadness and anxiety when my kids are no with me,all too well. I send my love & protective energy along with the rest of your friends. Take care Nydia. Happy 2010! Let's hope this is a better year for ALL of us!
~Danae the 'Crafty Chick'

Crafty Chick said...

Oh...and PS~ I love the new stuff in your ETSY shop! I am so glad business is going so well for you. (And also happy you were able to spoil Lucas with gifts for Christmas!)I hope that your shop continues to thrive.
~Danae :)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

It's the 6th, and I'm just checking in to see if you were back. I hope you've had a wonderful, lazy vacation and are healthy and tan!

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and Lucas, and sending much love. ((hugs))