Sunday, December 20, 2009

Litha on the corner

Litha is tomorrow, the longest day of the year is on the corner! I love Summertime n Petropolis, because although it's hot lke hell during the day, in the evenings a sweet breeze is always blowing, which make things easier, the opposite in Rio, when evenings are as hot as days and Summer ends up becoming unbearable to stand!

I will probably make it smple as usual. Maybe I'll make a "breakfast picnic" with Lucas outside home in the yard to celebrate the sabbath... Lucas already made this morning a nest for the birds using dried leaves and moss from the ground, surroundning it with stones. I don't think the birds will get close to it, but the intention is there, which is good! It's like an offering to the Air creatures, including the dear fairies, and placing a bit of honey and milk will not hurt.

Lucas wants to make a Greenman mask like the one above, so this is going to be the best, using lots of green leaves, dried leaves, etc. I just can't promise it will look so cool as that one!

As Litha is a great time for healing and protective rituals, I'll surely perform a little one in the evening, after the traditional ritual I always make with Lucas.

I wish you all a great Yule time tomorrow, full of good vibes! And soon, a beautiful Christmas time for my non-pagan friends!

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OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

My granddaughter GereaKaye, 9 and I were discussing this morning about the opposites of the hemispheres and the fact that you lucky folkes are celebrating Litha upcoming. It is her favorite of the esbats. She loves leaving milk and honey for the garden fairies and watching into the night for the signs of the wee folke. So from our pagan house to yours, brightest MidSummer blessings as we celebrate Yule. Linda in New Mexico

Divaeva said...

I saw that very same mask (or at least it looks just like it) at Faeriecon.... I am looking forward to seeing Lucas's take on it - I bet it is indeed better! <3 & bright blessings to you & Lucas!

Jim said...

Very interesting blog.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mother Moon said...

I am sure there are some of us that wish we too were celebrating Litha... and those hot days seeing that it is as cold as it is... yet our time will come.... May your day be special and full of magic.... enjoy...

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Have a happy time with your holiday, Nydia!!! I love how Lucas jumps right in and participates, too!

Rue said...

Blessed Litha to you and Lucas!

That Greenman mask is wonderful - I'm sure you'll do a great one together! How sweet of Lucas to offer the birds a nest!

Bridgett said...

I hope you had an amazing Litha, Nydia.

And that Green Man maks is cool! :)


Miss_Yves said...

It's strange to imagine Yule time, or Christmas period wuith such a warm weather !
Best wishes to you and your family!

Your mask is wonderful, and that one made by Lucas is funny !

Mythical Designs said...

Just ran across this blog from pin of our image. That mask is a sculpted leather wall sculpture and was create by us. Glad folks like it. Did you ever make a Green Man?

Nydia said...

Thank you for getting in touch, I'll edit the post and give due credit to you guys. It's an amazing piece of art!

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