Friday, December 11, 2009

Life getting back to track

Sooo... This week was a blargh one. Lucas sick with his tonsilitis, and I sick with my kidney stones. We are both getting better, thank the gods!
Lucas had to take antibiotics, unfortunately! I hate giving it to him, but when I realized that after three days taking homeophaty his throat was getting more inflammated and the fever wouldn't cease, i had to give itup, call the doctor, and buy amoxilin. *sigh* But today he's feeling so much better! Wants to run, to play outside (with the windy weather, no way!), being his old sweet Lucas. And I feel so relieved! No matter how many times he gets sick, I always get all tense and sad inside. Of course I don't show it to him - I'm the brave and confident mom!

As for me, I feel like pregnant again! LOL I go to the bathroom every five minutes. How such tiny stones can give you so much trouble?! I still feel the pain, specially when I walk in the neighbourhood, to the grocery, for instance, but way better than before, Maybe it's psychological. I have another appointment with my doctor in january to show my ultrassound, but we all know what he will say, right? To keep drinking lots of water, to avoid certain food, etc. And I'll obey!

Thank you all for your awesome support and positive words, as always, they mean everything to me! :o)

3 comentários:

Divaeva said...

Sending <3 and healing energies your way!

Rue said...

I do hope you both are feeling better soon! I know you will take care of each other!

Bridgett said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better.
But my goodness, isn't there anything they can do for your stones?

Break them up? Anything?

I know you must be in awful pain.

Feel better, lovey.