Friday, September 11, 2009

Another cool giveaway!

You guys must know how I love giveaways. I can't resist! Of course it's great when/if I get something, but I simply adore the thrill of being part of that gang crossing fingers to be random-picked! LOL And I just stumbled upon a surprise giveawa recommended by Mr. B - who by the waty was such a sweetie for sending me this awesome horde of pagans and non-pagans to my humble blog! I'm having the longest, delightful 15-minutes! LOL

So it's a Halloween giveaway from the HedgeWitch Hollow. What are you waiting for? Run and take the chance! :o)

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Bridgett said...

Been there! LOL I'm like's so much fun hoping to win, but I'm always just as happy when others take home the prize. :)

And girl, I suspect you'll have a very long 15 minutes. :)