Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Early changes...

I planned to talk about it later, but due to the last events in my working life, things are going to be faster. It's been some time that Rodrigo and I want to move to his parent's rural piece of land. We've been talking about it for years and I was always relutant because the town is really a tiny one. I watched its improvements along the time, though, and this year I understood I was ready to go. There are better schools, a hospital, markets popping up, the necessary infrastructure to live without freaking out at every tummy ache. I felt safe to move with a small child.

Now that I was officially fired last Friday ('bout time...), the money I received will not last more than two months in Rio, but in Minas (the state where we will live) it will be the starting point to start building our house. I really got sick of working at offices as a sacretary, it's been a long time already, with no return. I'm almost forty, I don't want to serve coffe to bosses and pay their bills, enough by now. Nothing against the job itself, I worked as a secretary for almost 20 years, met great people. It's just that, if I have a chance to change this for better, why not? I'll live even far from my family, but visit times will be longer, not only fo a weeekend. My son will have an overdose of Nature to enjoy and play at, without all the stress and dangers a big city increasingly has. I'll have a quieter life, which is perfect, once I'm not a night kind of woman. We'll lead a cheaper life a well, once most of watc we eat will come from our garden. We wll with less, in material terms, but with more, in spiritual and peace terms.

Sooooo next year, anytime between January and February, we'll be moving to Alto Jequitibá city, to live at Rodrigo's parents' house while our own little home is built - it's supposed to take two or three months to get it ready to live in - it's really a small house plant that we chose. It's going to be a challenge for me, I really don't like living in anyone's house, even my parents-in-law being so sweet and kind to me as they are. But it will only be for some time, and then we'll have our own place.

Bear with me, so, because from time to time I'll talk about it here! :o)

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Congrats! How exciting to be moving to a place of your own, to live more simply and closer to nature! I'm so jealous!

Tori said...

Congratulations! I hope your move is pleasant and easy!

Patty said...

Oh I am jealous as this life style sounds like something I would very much enjoy now that I am older. The thing holding me back is my daughter and grandson. Her home is here and I oculd not bear to move any where else and not be with them when ever I wanted. I hope it won't take long for you to build your home and pleaes share the experience with us. It will be fun hearing about it.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

So glad it s going to happen sooo soon for you all.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Nydia, this is good news, and it sounds like this is happening at just the right time. I hope you will have a lovely life out in the country, and maybe your house will get built really quickly so you don't have to stay long at your in-laws house!

PS the wool is on its way to you, mailed it today!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy for you and this new adventure! It really sounds like it's going to be great.

Anonymous said...

May it all go well for you! I too am envious of your being able to move to a simpler life and wish I could do the same.

Blessings to all of you!

Michele said...

Definitely some big changes coming up for you. I am happy that you have a back up plan to go to while the house is being built even though the accomodation isn't the best but at least it is a healthy and loving environment.
Remember the ultimate goal when the tough gets at its worse and I know it will, my friend, but not for long.
Hugs to you and I'm happy for you all. If this is what you wanted and it will please you, than I am very pleased for you as well!!! =)


Marcia said...

Best of luck with moving!! My parents have lived in MY house for the last 2 years so I know that it's not the best situation to live with other people, but you'll get through it. I hope everything goes smoothly and you end up with a perfect place for you and your family!!


Dragonstar said...

It's so exciting for you! I know there will be a lot to do, and many changes to get used to for all of you, but I'm sure you'll be so much happier when everything has settled.
All the very best for your new life!

Green Womyn said...

Fico feliz por vocês... Qualidade de vida é algo que precisamos ir atrás sempre!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and letting us know what is in store for you. It sounds like sharing a space with be challenging but soon you will have much more nature to roam free and come up with some creative ideas.

I just bought something from you! :) I'm looking forward to getting my witchy door handle sign. :) You are so talented!

Bear Naked said...

I am sure with your wonderful approach to live all will be well.
Bear hugs to you and Lucas and Rodrigo from me.

Bear((( )))

Maebius said...

change is always...different...and thus kinda scary, but Congratulations!
I used to live in the city, and moving to my current farmland has been a blessing. Sure the market may be a little farther away, but being able to sit in your backyard and see greenery all around you is a wonderful subtle-yet-powerful Magic!
I wish you the best.
And if things get stressful at your in-law's house, just keep in mind "This too shall pass". Soon enough, you'll be in your own place, with your little witch so close to nature. He'll love it!

This Guy said...

Wow, that sounds amazing!!! I know that change is always difficult - but it sounds like an amazing move (as long as you have internet in this quaint little city) hehehe

I can't wait to hear more about it!

Ps. Congrats on getting fired! I've been fired once, its a liberating experience especially when you know you need to leave the job but just can't bring yourself to do it! ;)

Bret xoxo