Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And our last giveaway arrived!

On Sunday we got this other surprise on the mail: Rodrigo's amazing Celtic Goddess Jewelry pendulum he got at Mrs. B's Halloween giveaway (oh I miss that fun!) finally arrived! Just in time as an extra Birthday gift!
"This pendulum was designed with the goddess Hecate in mind. This pendulum should be used for heavier energy work and I recommend that the user is familiar with working with the energy of the goddess Hecate. This pendulum contains lava rock, bone skull, black onyx and black angel hair quartz. The bottom is very clear quartz, a very good quality with little to no inclusions to the eye."
This is a very powerful tool and it will be wisely used. Rodrigo wanted a pendulum for a long time so it was perfect when he got it. But (there's always a but), he's not used of dealing with this kind of tool, so before anything he'll study it a lot so it will be really right when used.
By the way, we'll need a lot of protective spells and rituals for our move. We want our place to be cleaned from negative energies before having our house built! So suggestions are more than welcome! My Magickal House book (love it), by Scott Cunningham, has a large range of ideas, but I want to cross check them.

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Tori said...

How perfect! That pendulum is beautiful.

I have no suggestions for you regarding spells for your new home- but I do wish you luck and happiness! I'll send positive, cleansing, thoughts your way. =)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Hmmm, let's see...I know it's traditional to not bring an old cleaning broom into a new house. You're supposed to buy a new one for luck.

My favorite protection spell is writing "Who comes to me I keep, Who goes from me I free, Yet against all I stand, Who carry not my key" above all my doors and on my window sills. I usually write it in white colored pencil or crayon, so it doesn't show! I've always planned to make an actual plaque of the saying to hang above the door, but haven't gotten around to it.

Patty said...

I have several pendulums and love mine. The only advice I can give in using it is to let the pendulum tell you how. For example hold it in your hand and ask either aloud or mentally. Show me your yes, wait and see what direction it swings in. Then stop it and start again. This time ask show me your No, I have found when it does not move at all that the answer is unclear. I usually get it swinging back and forth for yes and circles for no..but that is how I use it..It will be different for everyone..I am off to work, but I will try and send you a spell for your home soon

Nydia said...

Tori: Thanks for the good wishes, they're always much needed! :o)

Kris: I love this spell! Usualy I draw pentagrams over doors and windows with salty water, but guess I'll adopt this idea. I know about the broom, our old one will stay here!

Patty: Rodrigo is "training" his pendulum every day now, and we already notied it is one full of energy. I told him about your suggestion! So far, it goes clockwise for yes and counter-clockwise for no, but he'll practice more to be sure. If you want email me the protection spell, I'd love to get it, thanks!

sage said...

Beautiful Pendulum!! I've been using mine daily.. it's such a wonderful tool.