Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little witch's dream...

We have this old habit at home of waking up in the morning and, during breakfast, talking about the dreams we had the previous night. Lucas is constantly amazing me with the descriptions of his dreams, for the colorful sites, the funny childish stories, and many times, the deep symbolism they have.

Today we talked a lot about death, ghosts, the ones he had already seen at home (a talk that crossed the day!). He told me and made a couple of drawings about his last one... I'd love some insights here... :)

So we were at a lake in a long wooden boat with two telescopes onboard. A black regular one, and a yellow magical telescope that showed everything that couldn't be seen at unaided eye. With it, Lucas watched a island, and to get there, we had to cross a tunnel that could only be seen with the magic device.

In front of the island, there was a big floating house with 7 floors:

Once inside, he met an old lady with white hair in one of the rooms, sitting by a desk full of pieces of paper and a can of pencils. She told him that her husband had died and was haunting the house's visitors for years.

... So the ghost (an old black man, very strong with defined muscles) came and started trying to haunt him too, but he failed, since my little witch wasn’t afraid of him, just wanting to help. They went to one of the rooms, where they had a talk about the reasons why the old man was being so bad (he can’t remember exactly this part! gah!). After the talk, the ghost thanked him and said he didn’t need to haunt anybody else again. He would live in the house but in peace.

After that, we jumped into the boat and came back home. End of the dream.

Sometimes I wonder...

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Faerie Sage said...

You have an amazing little one, don't let him lose this practice of remembering his dreams, it is invaluable! As for the symbolism so much so much! obviously he links easily to the other-world, and is around to help and unafraid by it, you would be a better judge as to what the actual events mean to him, his dream his symbolism. But I have to say powerful and amazing!
Blessing to you both.