Sunday, February 13, 2011

Deities everywhere

>> Warning: long post! <<

Hello, everybody!

Thank the gods, I've been creating more babies than I can post about! ;) I have friends/costumers who are constantly challenging me to bring new deities to life. While I love recreating the "old" ones with all the care they need, it's simply a pleasure to start a new Goddess or God. I have the feeling that another piece falls in place in this huge spiritual puzzle every time a new deity is born.

Sooo... Last year I had the chance to add some new girls and boys to my collection.

A couple that was deliciously good to play with, were the Wonder Goddess and the Super God - you know who they are in fact! ;) They're the only ones I couldn't list at my Etsy shop for obvious reasons, but are already at their new homes:

Among the new Goddesses, I had Epona, with Her horse with a loosen thread mane, and two little birds on the arms, filled with rosemary. She looks cute! :)

Nike came with golden wings and a laurel wreath proclaiming the victory for those in need, filled with dried laurel leaves:

I loved adding all the four hard tasks to the sweet Psyche (Lucas was indignant with her mother-in-law, by the way, lol!), and loving butterflies, I loved embroidering Her main symbol, with a Phi in disguise on her antennas. I filled Her with jasmine:

I had my first Voodoo Goddess ordered! As a tradition that is still a mystery to me, it was wonderful to research and create Erzulie Freda (filled with red roses), what a powerful, but hard-to-deal-with deity!

Then came the Gods...

Ares, full of anger, craving for blood, and filled with a pinch of black pepper:

Apollo... This was another sweet one to create. Music and art are some of my favorites:

Zeus, with his lightning and filled with sage, was hard to say goodbye, my little witch loved Him (I'll need to make him one soon):

The adorable Eros with His Psyche landing on his arm, filled with red roses and drieed apple:

On Poor Hephaestus (I always felt so sorry for his sad fate!) I put a little piece of real chain over his forge, and a pinch of calendula in the filling:

So far, that's what I have new at my Etsy. Hoping to create a new whole set of deities with all the suggestions you all gave me at the last giveaway! ;)
Oh and I'm finishing Nut, the giveaway winner's choice! By tomorrow afternoon I might have Her posted, She's getting sweet...

Thank you all who had the patience of scrolling down all this long post, and wishing you a great week!

11 comentários:

Astrid said...

Your creations are so beautiful! I just got a new (to me) car and want to give it a proper protection/blessing. I was hoping to find something that covered accidents, malfunctions, and invisibility (I speed a lot). Do you have something in your collection that you would recommend for my purpose or would you be willing to do a custom doll (I'd be willing to pay extra)?

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I LOVE the Wonder Goddess! These are so awesome Nydia. You never seize to amaze me with your creations. They're all beautiful.

Bright Blessings *hugs!*

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

This is going to seem like a repost because Im going to say what the others have....these are amazing! So beautiful.Well done.

Alexis Kennedy said...

These are amazing, Nydia! you are so creative! thank you for sharing them with us!

Janet said...

Nydia, you do such beautiful and thoughtful creations. Anyone would be honored to have one of these. Eros and Nike are my favorites here.

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Now finally I think of one I'd like to have, just for what she would remind me. And she wasn't actually a goddess. But Pandora, very human and also very important to the human history story. (sure now after the giveaway - lol)

Anonymous said...

These are magnificent. I need to visit your etsy.

Verbena said...

Hi, Nydia!
The Super God is amazing!!
your creations are so beautiful and delicate!

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

I so love your Gods and Goddesses Nydia!! I still have the witch hat you made me at my desk at work and I smile and think of you and Lucas every day when I see it.

Phillip Allen said...

Hello Nydia! Love the skulls, the goddesses and gods! A slight mix-up to note: Apollo's photo is missing, with Ares represented twice. Which would no doubt please him... ;-)

Nydia said...

oops, you're right, Phillip, thank you! I'll correct it asap. ;o) Thank you for your kind words on my witcheries!