Thursday, April 10, 2008

Questions from a piercing little mind

Today Rodrigo told me that before I got home for lunch, Lucas started asking him why it's necessary to have man and woman in the world... so Rodrigo explained that to create human life it's needed both of them.

Let me open a parenthesis here: Lucas has already asked me about how babies are "made", and I was fair with him according to his age. We didn't want to tell him about "storks" or anything of the sort, so I went with dad's little seed put in mom's belly, with careful details about how and where the seeds are built inside dad's body (because he asked it) and how they're put inside mom's bell (again, because he asked - add some sweating here from this usually-oh-so-self-assured-and-calm-mom who types - nervosism very well disguised, by the way). The funniest thing in the whole world was when he told me, then, very matter-of-factly, that he had already felt his own seeds getting out of his body when he was doing a wee. I had to hold my breath not to laugh...

I avoided the sex details - don't ask me how - because I think he's still too young to get to the facts but thing is that Lucas is so sharp in his curiosity that we have no choice but answering the best way we can. Otherwise, he will insist ad nauseum until feeling satisfied.

So back to Rodrigo's hard time. After listening about why men & women are needed, Lucas asked, "So how the first men and women were built, since there was no one to start them?" ... You can imagine my poor hubby's agony, trying to explain something that all the scientists are still trying to discover. His solution was Darwin, whom Lucas already knew about, thanks to a exhibition at the local museum we went to. He explained in a four-year-old reasonable way to understand about the evolution of species - under the attention of Mama Goddess and Papa God, Lucas quickly added (!), and that seemed to satisfy him, because stopped torturing dad for a while. Rodrigo wanted to tell him some pagan myth to illustrate and make it cute, but the only thing he could remember was Adam & Eve myth, and he controlled himself not to make a mess out of our son's mind by thinking this is thew only story available, and us being pagans, etc....

I think that if he insists on the subject (and if I know my son well, he will), we can also tell him about some of the myths that different cultures & religions have. There are beautiful legends in Greek, Indian, Buddism, and of course in Paganism, etc, that tells about the creation of human beings. I think he would like it, since he's the kind of boy who loves a good story, as long as it won't mess him up. Give me some feedback on it, that would be great. :)

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Randilin said...

Nothing better then sharing the various creation myths with your kids. The can be so fun to read and to tell.

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BenD said...

Hi Nadia. Stopped by to say "Ha! I found you guys!" I'll stop by often. My daughter has blog: Dustbunnyofnorthamerica and her handle is Dornbrau..
LUVU guys,


Marcia said...

Aww I hope you can answer his questions to the best of your ability without grossing him out and explaining that it's a private matter between the 2 involved. I am dreading these conversations haha. I'm a very private person.

I love your post picture!! Josephine Wall is such a fantastic artist!!