Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a girl!

My brand new niece was born last afternoon at 4pm! Beatriz came to bring light to our lives at a time we need so much this kind of energy!

Delcinho, one of my brothers, is the proud father of little Beatriz. It's his first child and he couldn't be happier. Of course, she arrived healthy and gorgeous, according to him. I just can't wait to meet her next weekend. As they live in Petropolis (as all my family does), one and half hours away from Rio, only on Saturday I'll be able to visit them.

There's a beautiful birth blessing written by Starhawk in her book "The Sacred Fifth Thing", that goes more or less like this (if anyone has the original version, please send it to me, my book is in Portuguese, so I translated it):

May you always find the cure whenever you need it.
May you always have enough to eat and to drink and to share with others.
May you find true love.
May you escape from every trap prepared for you.
May you have strength to survive.
Be free, be strong, be yourself.
Be happy, be proud of being who you are, be loved and be loving.
Live among flowers, surrounded by current waters.
Live to the heat of the sun, breathing pure air, nourished by the light of the moon and the stars.
Understand that you are welcome, that you are a precious gift for us, blessed be.

This is something I think every human being should receive at birth. It's so beautiful and so true! When I meet my brother and my sister-in-law Alcione, I'll give it along with a gift to my little niece. That's all I wish for her in life.

Welcome to our lives, Beatriz, auntie Nydia already loves you so much!

*Image: My little niece Beatriz voraciously suckling her mommy's milk; and the family: dad Delcio, pretty mom Alcione, and their sweet daughter Beatriz.

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Michele said...

Oh this is wonderful news indeed, Nydia! You all needed some glorious news and new life into your world such as this. I am so happy and I send out the warmest hugs to all of you from my husband and I in Canada to you all. I wish Beatriz the best life possible and I know she will have one because she is surrounded by such love.
This is great news.
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

KOSTAS said...

Hi Nydia
I wish for the small Beatriz that came in the world
In her life it is full health and very lucky!

Dragonstar said...

Such happy news Nydia!
Every blessing for Beatriz.

Pernille said...

Congratulation with your niece. I'm sure that she will bring you all happyness and joy.

Hugs from Norway:)

Michele said...

The images are beautiful. Look how precious Beatriz is. Oh my... she is so pretty and look how happy the family is. I am smiling from ear to ear. This makes me very happy. Thank you Nydia for letting us share in this happiness!

Janet said...

Congratulations!! What a beautiful family and I really like the blessing you shared with us.