Saturday, May 26, 2012

The little witch being witchy

Last Wednesday, after breakfast, Lucas decided that he would make a new potion. Sometimes he wakes up all witchy, and it's fun to see him dealing so naturally with his spiritual path on our daily routine. He really enjoys being a little witch.

So he asked me which kind of potion he could make, and I suggested a health potion - one that is always welcome, after all. So there he went researching and taking my herbs to mix them with our mortar and pestle. He took sage, calendula, lavender, clove and St. John's Wort.

After mixing them well, he put them into his potion bottle, shaking it hard to create a thin layer of foam - a must, according to him, (but I think he simply loves doing it for the fun of it...)

Then he placed the bottle outside under the morning sun to absorb its energy to our little health ritual that evening. In the afternoon, when he was back from school, he grabbed it and took it inside to filter the herbs and finally pour the potion into the new vial he got from his cousin. It's now resting on his altar, on his favorite Voodude's lap. ;o)

That morning, I posted at my FB page his photo mixing the herbs, and some friends asked me to add their names or friends/relatives' names in our ritual, so I took note of all of them, adding my family's too, and in the evening, after lighting a white candle, and Lucas opening the circle, I folded the paper and placed it into my cauldron, dropping some potion over it, along with a generous pinch of the herbs that I have filtered and dried in the microwave, saving them for healing spells. We said a little prayer to the gods, asking them to protect and heal those who needed to be healed, and I burned the paper, letting the names become ashes and smoke and good wishes. So mote it be, we said.

The following morning, I buried the ashes and the remains of the candle wax in my flower bed (that soon will have no space left to bury all my things!).

I love this good feeling after performing our simple rituals, a sense of connection, the satisfaction of sharing something so special and vital for me with my son. In the future, when he reaches that age of questioning even more life and everything else, he'll probably start looking for other paths - I encourage him to learn about all religions and I answer all his questions about them with an open heart, not showing prejudice (that I don't feel anyway, except against bigotry itself) and making sure he knows it'll be okay if he ends up choosing another spiritual path for his life (I joke saying that I'll only disinherit him if he does so, but that this is only a tiny detail, lol). What I mean is that, no matter his choices in the future, he'll have a very solid background of respect, knowledge and love for both worlds around him, in all senses, so I know he'll be wise and I'll be proud of him.

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A said...

I love that you are open and honest with him and have told him that if he chooses a different path it won't matter to you.

I asked a friend of mine once (who is very Christian), what she would do if one of her kids choose not to follow her path. Her response was, "I would be disappointed and ashamed." I was shocked!

Schez said...

I'm a new follower, and I am really enjoying your blog.
Such a heart warming post. It was lovely to see your little one enjoying and experiencing his spiritual path.
I'm still discovering mine and there are aspects in paganism that make a lot of sense to me.
I have two little boys and I hope that I can give them the respect, knowledge and love that will help them make choices that are right for them, as well as respecting those around them.
A great blog and post! said...

your blog is beautiful and i love your skullys..neat keychains!
susan s.