Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ABC Wednesday - O for Osiris & P for Persephone

Oh well, I didn't make it last week, so here are my posts: a late O post, and this week's P!

O is for Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Underworld and vegetations, son of the goddess of the skies, Nut, and the god of the earth, Geb. He was seduced by his sister-in-law Nephthys, who pretended to be his wife/sister Isis, getting pregnant and giving birth to Anubis. His brother Seth )Nephthys' husband), blind with jealous, killed him and spread the pieces of his body on the river Nile. Isis managed to get all the pieces and bring him back to life (the flooding of the Nile represents what happened). Eventually Osiris died again and became the God of the Underworld, judging the departed souls.

P is for Persephone, one dear Greek Goddess. Daughter of Demeter and Zeus, she was the Spring Goddess. She was kidnapped by the God of the Underworld Hades (not Osiris, lol!) and became his Queen. Demeter desperately searched for her, finally finding her in the dark realms of Hades, and managed to make a deal with him. As Persephone ate a magic pomegranade offered by the Underworld God, she couldn't just leave for good. So she would stay six months with him in his kingdom, and six months with her mother up in her lands. That's why we have the dark months of Fall and Winter... ;)

For more P posts, visit the ABC page, created by Denise Nesbitt, and join the fun!

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MorningAJ said...

So I can blame Persephone for the dark nights that are drawing in then....... :)

Roger Owen Green said...

yes, missed you last week. I guessed Osiris. Yes, Persephone is definitely autumnal.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Halie said...

Osiris and Persephone - great choices for ABC Wednesday.

I'm so glad I have found your blog!

I'm your newest follower.

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

She has to stay there 6 months because she ate 6 pomeganate seeds. AND the fall/winter is because Demeter refuses to allow anything to grow while her precious daughter is away from her. (I loved that story)

Gattina said...

I just came back from Egypt ! the picture fits in my mood, lol !

Tumblewords: said...

One of my favorite myths! Lovely writing!

moonshinewitch said...

Great post Nydia

Oh, and take a look at The Diary of a Witch, I have awarded you the Clucking award :)