Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photographing the Dead's first Giveaway!

You guys may know my good friend Brian and his blog, Photographing the Dead (if you don't, you should!), where he talks about his cool, sweet Spawns, his life's points to ponders, and specially, his awesome urbane/nature photographies - the more touching, his cemetery photos. It was because of them that I started looking at cemeteries with gentler eyes. Now he's celebrating his more than 50 followers (that I'm sure are about to double pretty fast) by giving away an amazing book on cemetery symbolism, "Stories in Stone". Perfect for those who love going deeper on this subject, or love symbols in general. It a must have in any case. You'v got till August 2nd to join the fun, check it out!

2 comentários:

Brian said...

Awe, you are such a sweet Brazilian woman! And yes- you get the points for this!

Anonymous said...

Brian's book must be very interesting. I love cemeteries.