Monday, January 11, 2010

Brother time

Oh, things here are so silent, but I'm doing my best to distract myself while little witch is not back!

Been reading tons of books and magazines - I'm so p... off with the home computer which simply refuses itself to open any .pdf file! I have two amazing books I was reading from fantastic writers friends (Sorry Aileni and Jeremy!!) and I just can't read them! Arght!

Since Rodrigo brought some of my witchy books, I've been re-reading my favorite ones, and also my favorite author, Stephen King (along with Gabriel Garcia Marques, Asimov, etc, etc, etc...).

One good thing is that I have night out time for myself this month! It's been ages since I last been out with friends to simply sit at a bar, drink, eat and talk/laugh. Summer evnings here are awesome, starry, and so far, no sign of raining. Lucas will do find me revigorated. LOL

But I'm wandering. I wanted to talk about my brother Evaldo. Last evening we had a cool time together,eating chocolate and watching TV. We started watching this German channel show, in German, no subtitles, about his fetish camera, Leica. As we couldn't understand a single word, we laughed a lot making up imaginary dialogues, dubbing them. At the same time, Evaldo (who's a photographer, if you remember) gave me so many curious trivia info about it, that by the end of the evening I felt like a pHd in that famous camera. It's amazing how many things he knows about it and how interesting he makes things sound - he knows how I love to know these little details (we call them useless cultural facts), like why Leica is called Leica, how it was first built, etc. He owned three of these cameras many years ago, bought from antique fairs, and after fixing them, had them sold to collectors. Someday I hope I'll be able to make him a surprise and give him another one, in the far far far far far future LOL He said his dream job wouldn't be living in that Australian island, but working at Leica's factory LOL!
I just love when we get this close sharing time. I went to sleep light like a feather.

5 comentários:

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Lol! It must have been a camera weekend!

Janet said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening. I don't have any siblings and always wanted an older brother.

Have fun on your night out!!

Dragonstar said...

Sounds like a really good evening. I'm so glad. Family can be great when you're on the same wavelength - like you and Rodrigo.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

"I like Leica..." lol

Guess it's more like LOVE for that camera...I have seen Nikon freaks for sure...but they take a backseat to the Leica cannot beat the Germans and the Swiss for their lenses...

Bridgett said...

Enjoy this time, it sounds invigorating. :)

Believe me, I'd be going mad without my little ones running around, so I completely understand.