Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A warm giveaway

As today I had to come downtown again for some bank payments, of course I had to stop by a bit and relax in front of the computer. And while here I went to Mrs. B' s page, only to find out she's with another great giveaway to show, the Ug Boots giveaway! It's the first time I hear about these boots, but after taking a look, I fell in love with them for the comfort they seem to offer. Living now in a place where Winter IS chilli (as you're bored often reading about here...), I wouldn't mind winning one pair!

The best is that Mrs. B. is also offering crazy and generous extra entries for the ones who join this! Just take a look and cross your fingers too!

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Querida Nydia,
Q bom que teve esses bons momentos com sua mama ! Nada como a sabedoria, o carinho, o conforto da mãe.
Adoro ler seu blog !
Gostaria de ter mais contato com vc ... vc está no orkut ?
Um beijo,
Juliana Rodrigues (rodrigues_juliana@hotmail.com) por favor apague depois de ler, só para manter uma certa privacidade rs ! bj

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I have heard of those Ugg boots!

I think they are very pricey! What a nice giveaway.

I hope Mrs. B remembers I make free graphics for her "31 Days of Halloween!"