Monday, March 9, 2009

Beware roads!!

This weekend I teased Rodrigo until he agreed to start teaching me how to drive my in-law's rural "car", the "Lacraia". He'll start taking real lessons (although already knowing how to drive)to take his driving license, and I'll only be able to do the same by the end of the year, when our money situation is better, but nothing can't stop me from learning now here in the meantime! My in-law converted an old Brasilia model's skeleton into something like a truck to carry heavy stuff around the little farm area (never downtown, thoug!), like grass for the cattle, wood for the oven and our construction, etc. It's a heavy truck to drive!
I scared Rodrigo to death and almost killed Lucas so much he laughed watching me trying to follow my poor hubby's instructions. I tend to accelerate too much! LOL I learned how to go sdtraight ahead, turn bends and backwards, always on a speedy way! Rodrig's hair will have some new white...
Ok, now I feel like have the power! LOL Can't wait for my lessons to come. Soon I'll be climbing the hills with it.

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Enchanted Dawn said...

I love this picture of you!

Don't worry, pretty soon your hands and feet will know what they're doing, all it takes is practice. I remember my first driving lessons, I was a little speedy myself. Since I lived in town, there weren't any wide open spaces for me to learn-- so I learned to drive in a cemetery!

Hope Rodrigo's hair doesn't get too white! ;-)

Tori said...

Good luck with the lessons! I am re-learning how to drive. I took such a long break from it because of all the snow. Just keep at it and you'll be a great driver in no time! =D

Anonymous said...

You look so happy behind the wheel! I am sure you will be fine even if your husband gets some grey :) My mom learned to drive on farm backroads when she was 15 or so and I always have thought that's a safe place to learn away from hazrds. :)

Anonymous said...

I can remember being so scared learning to drive - you look so confident behind the wheel!!!

{{{{ }}}}

Chaos and love said...

is that a mischievous look or what , hehe
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Nydia!! You look so cool in that thing...I want one!! Looks like so much fun!

Genie Sea said...

This photo rocks! Look at your lovely smiling self! Beautiful! :)

Kelli said...

I love this picture of you! HAHA!