Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ABC Wednesday - L

We're back to the ABC fun hosted by our friend Denise. Today is letter L. And L stand for... NO, it's not Lucas, aha, gotcha! LOL It would be tempting, but not this time... Today I go for another handsome, smart and talented guy, just like my son... :o): Laurence Olivier *long sigh*

The first time I watched Laurence Olivier performing was in Hamlet, when I was 12! I have always loved Shakespeare and it was a shock to notice that most of is text was cut from the original (I read that the movie had a reduced lenght of time - go figure it...)! But even though, I loved his performance forever.

Then I watced Henry V (perfection), Othelo and Richard III, and he was even greater. I wish I could have watched his Shakespeare plays - some say that in stage he was like a god!

But my favorite role is George Hurstwood, in Carrie. What a masterful performance, so doomed!! I suffered with him!
His last performance was in War Requiem, in 1988. For me he was a genius.
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Suzie Ridler said...

Did you see him in King Lear? I think the BBC did a live play performance we got out of the library once and to see Sir Lawrence Olivier play King Lear almost broke my heart. Jamie and I went through a box of Kleenex when we watched it but it was so good.

I love Hamlet BTW! I think it's one of the most complex human studies in a play ever.

photowannabe said...

A magnificient actor...they don't make them like that anymore. Good choice for the letter L.

Maria said...

A great actor! A great choice!

Jane Hards Photography said...

What a fabulous choice, and wasn't he a great Heathcliffe.

Anonymous said...

A really sharp choice, Nydia. He was riveting but I can't agree with photowannabe - there are many superb actors. The current rave is for David Tennant's Hamlet.
Styles change.

Dragonstar said...

He certainly looks gorgeous in that first photo - very moody.

Bear Naked said...

Good morning Nydia.
Ha Ha
You did fool me. I thought for sure today's ABC Wednesday post would be all about Lucas.
Excellent choice of Laurence Olivier.

Bear((( )))

Liz Hinds said...

An unusual choice!

Miss_Yves said...

Hi! Nydia
A great choice, a great actor! I love Shakespeare 's plays !Especially a "Midsummer night"
I enjoyed "Shakespeare in love" Do you ?
miss Yves

Miss_Yves said...

I agree with all your comments !
And I think it's a wonderful movie about the lOVE of poetry and theatre
Miss Yves

Michele said...

Hi Nydia.
I figured you were going to use that handsome young man of yours!! I really did... LOL I was expecting to open up your blog and see a big bright picture of LUCAS hehehe but alas... not this time... so this was a neat post... it was very informative and fun to read of the other loves of your life! =D
Wonderful reading... I so enjoyed it!
Mountain Retreat

Katney said...

I am so unconnected to who is in movies--years ago as well as now. I can barely identify a few.

LA Nickers said...



Kim from Hiraeth said...

Another Olivier fan!

I've never seen Carrie. I'll be looking for it now!