Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little witch in bed again

Lucas' tonsilitis is back. Since Sunday he's feeling bad, and yesterday he spent all the time feverish and with his throat aching. Thankfully my cousin is a doctor and she examined him... voilá, the bad tonsilitis attacking him once again... I'm treating him with homeophathy as usual, and trying to avoid antibiotics to the last case. Last night he woke up sobbing, and when I asked him what was the problem, he only said, "I lost the game!!", and sobbed again. He dreamt that he was playing a soccer game, and lost it, poor sweetie! He's in bed right now, all upset he's losing his final exams at school, but he'll make it next week. I'm keeping him comfortable in bed with his favorite comic magazines and watching his cartoons... I hope this is over soon this time!

Oh and this morning I made the ultrassound, and guess what, 5 stones in my kidney! No surprise I was feeling such pain!! Now I'm with a bottle of water by my side, and nobody is allowed to go to the bathroom! LOL

Well, that's it! I wish everybody a great, healthy week!

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Danni said...

I hope you are both feeling right as rain in no time! *hugs and kisses to you both*


Mist said...

Both of you sick at once!? That's no fun. Sending you energy for a speedy recovery.

Diane said...

oh man, i hope you both feel better real soon!

my older daughter had to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. and guess what? they grew back! she constantly has some kind of throat sick something it seems. they may remove them again.

here's hoping no one gets between you and the bathroom! :)

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear that you both are under the weather. Kidney stones, I've heard, are painful. Healing energy headed your way!

Janet said...

Oh, no! You're both sick at the same time! That's going to be difficult. Take it easy and keep drinking that water.

Sending big hugs to you and Lucas.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ok Nydia, I am going to get tough with you, you must have surgery to get those stones out. I am serious!!! I think getting too cold all winter made you get these, you were dehydrated and not enough rest and the kidney made them!!! They must go OUT!!! OMG five stones...I am shivering thinking about it...please please see a good doctor...

Suzie Ridler said...

That's it Nydia! You and Lucas need some good mojo and I know you love giveaways. Make sure to enter my contest once for you and once for Lucas, I'm sure he would be happy to win that necklace for him Mom for Yule. You need all the good energy you can get and I'm giving some away for free!

Marie S said...

Nydia here is a good page to look at for this.

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

I've had Lithotripsy for kidney stones, and it broke them up immediately. I don't know if that's an option for you and your urologist, but if it is an option for you to do a hospital procedure, I'd highly recommend it. Kidney stones were secondary in pain only to giving natural childbirth to both of my children, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

I hope you and Lucas find a way back to health soon.


Bridgett said...

Poor Nydia and poor little witch. :(

Five stone? OUCH!

I do hope you're both feeling better now.