Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Got a bug and giveaway

Hello, world!

Just stopped by to say that I've got Lucas' tonsilitis since Sunday (he's alright now, only still coughing a bit). The first time in all my life! Got a sore throat and a light fever (gods, how painful it is to swallow! It's like swallowing broken glass), but I'm taking good care of myself, taking medicines and all. So I'll pick up the dream pillow giveaway's winner tomorrow, okay? Just need some time to get better. Wish I could post something better than this! I just complaint here the last days! LOL

Kisses and love from us.

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windchild said...

Don't worry about it! Just get better, okay? We like hearing from you, and if you're sick that doesn't happen as often, lol. Sending healing energy your way!

Dragonstar said...

Poor Nydia! Get well soon my love.

By the way, I forgot to say that a parcel went off to you on December 4th. I hope it reaches you very soon now.

Mother Moon said...

sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather... take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon....

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, I wonder if the swine flu is down there in Petropolis???!!! Ugh! Bad germies!

Hope the medicines fix the throat quickly!

Mist said...

Wishing you a very speedy recovery! I'm glad Lucas is feeling better though.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

OH, Nydia, I'm so behind on reading blogs, I've been so busy!

I'm glad Lucas is feeling better, but so sad to hear you are sick! Feel better soon!

And, oh, it's good that you read those letters before Lucas. It would have been great to hear from friends, but made him miss them so badly! I'm sure they were meant with the best intentions, but could have been thought out much better!

I can practically smell your mom's bread right through the picture you posted!

((hugs)) and get well soon wishes!!

Divaeva said...

*hugs* Oh my - I hope you feel better soon!
*sending healing enerdy!*

Bridgett said...

Feel better, Nydia!