Sunday, December 20, 2009

Genomic Revolution

Yesterday I went with Lucas, my older brother Arnaldo and my niece Maria Clara, to visit the Genomic Revolution Exhibiton, that is being held in Quitandinha Hotel in Petropolis. I don't know if yo know about it: this exhibition comes from the 2002's American Museum of Natural History exhibition, and it brings a cultural view about genomics, showing the DNA study as never seen before, the latest researches made, the impact on our everyday life, etc. Lucas loved everyhting, from the rainforest installation with live animals (including a tarantula, arght!), to the interactive games where you can mix fruits and animals' DNA, for instance. Lucas always love science and is naturally curious about it,like any kids, so you can imagine how cool it was to walk around the place watching so many different approaches on the subjectand his reaction!

I was drooling at everything as well, and can't wait to be there again a next time. Simply great. We couldn't take any photos inside, it's forbidden, alas... So the photos here are from the official site. After that, a pizza awaited for us. A super way to spend the Saturday afternoon!