Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eternal updating...

Seems like lately I only update, with no actual new posts. But thing is that life is being gentle enough so far, and ther's not much happening. I'm handcrafting like crazy, Lucas is on his school's final exams, and his vacation will go from December 11st to January 31st. The only "but" in my life right now is my worry about his vacation with his dad. I feel goosebumps with the thought of him spending such a long time alone with my ex's family. I have my reasons to worry. When it gets closer, I'll surely ask all my bloggy witch friends (and non-witchy, of course!!!), to make a positive chain, so he will go and wil be back safe and sound. I know it may sound a bit dramatic (and maybe it is), but after such a good time here adapting himself so well to every new thing in his little life, I don't want to see his positive attitude to be destroyed by negative, depressive environment that I know he will have after the initial days there. Oh well, I'm wandering. But this is one of the resons why Im blogging so little. I'm trying to distract myself from the thought of it, and I try to give them some credit before the vacation begin.

Lately also I'm obssessive about weather. It's incredible how we forget how things work every year just the same way. It's been raining a lot these days, usually in the afternoons (exactly when I go fetch Lucas at school, obviously LOL), but the past two days we couldn't go outside, so heavy the rain became. But I love it. I love the sound and the fury of Nature talking through thunders and lightning, and I love go to sleep listening to the powerful sound of the rain falling outside. Lucas never feared it, following my example, and we love to stay in bed watching the storm trough the window and to guess when the next lightning will show up.

ONe cool thing is that I'll make a giveaway here. I1ll post about it right away, don't miss it!
Hope you all have a great weekend, thread your dreams gently... :o)

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Powell River Books said...

I will be sending good thoughts for Lucas. When I used to be an elementary school principal I always hated rainy days at going home time. The cars would line up out front in the driveway and everyone refused to move until their child arrived. If one child arrived for a parent at the end of the line they would start honking, but the parents at the front wouldn't move until their child arrived. I was always running from the front to the back trying to keep order and encouraging parents to drive through and return if their child wasn't in sight. But alas, it never went well. Thank goodness in Los Angeles we didn't get that many rainy days. - Margy

Mist said...

It's so difficult to let our little ones experience the negative attitudes of others, isn't it? This will be a life experience that will make him even stronger than he already is though. We'll definitely keep BOTH of you in our thoughts because I know just how difficult it is for a mother to turn off her instincts.

I love thunderstorms! My kids do too. I let them play out in the rain once last summer, and now every time it rains they want to go dancing in it even though it is winter here now! lol

Anonymous said...

Count me in on that positive chain!

Bridgett said...

Lucas will be fine, my love.
And you know I'll help form a chain of positive, safe energies for him.

Anything you for you and your little witch.

Much love!