Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lucas tested his "climbing & balance skills" last afternoon when we went to the Crystal Palace, where a orchid exhibition is in course. He simply loves doing that! He can't see a wall like that, and wants to climb it. I remember I used to love it too:

Here he is in front of some of the gorgeous flowers. He took several photos of them, I'll post them here later. This is a permanent exhibition, and want to buy one or two to have at home. The weather here is very good for this kind of plant:
A note on his school: this week I'll have the answer about the scholarship. Fingers crossed everybody!!!!

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amy said...

Hope he gets it. If it's based on cuteness he is a shoe in. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be wishing the best for Lucas to get in the school. Lucas reminds me of my son at that age. He climbed everything possible!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo Nydia! What lovely flowers. I can see it is still quite chilly there! But getting warmer each week, I hope?

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed!
I am so happy for little Lucas. It takes a strong and brave mama to keep him happy and your #1 priority while going through the stressful transition that you are.
You are doing so well Nydia - keep it up!

Tori said...

It's good to see pictures of Lucas having fun! Best of luck with the scholarship.

Dani said...

It is so wonderful to be a kid before the world puts all these grown up rules on you! I still want to dig holes in my backyard and pretend I'm an archaeologist. I can't see mushrooms sprouting up without wanting to pick them and make a pretend soup with them and some mud. I hope I get to relive some of my childhood with my little one!

I see Lucas has gotten in! Congratulations!!!