Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our altar

Our altar is placed on the kitchen's marble case. We moved to this new house some months ago, and I haven't found yet a better place to put it, and sincerely, I think that the kitchen is one of the best places for it to stay. I love my little kitchen and the shelf where the altar is placed is perfect in size for me, since I don't have many objects over it. Kitchens are very powerful places for witches, and I spend a good time over there preparing goodies for my two men. My son loves helping me when I'm cooking, so it's a warm and cosy room to be, with good vibrations. There's this amazing site about magickal kitchens that I can't take my eyes off since I learned about it!
Usually my altar is very simple and plain, like the first photo above. When we're celebrating sabbaths, I add some colored lining and images, according to the celebrations, and Lucas is always adding something, like little rocks and dried leaves he finds in his walks - the two wooden wands on the right of te photos was chosen by him. In Ostara he dyed some boiled eggs to decorate it, and in Beltane he chose the images to put on the wall (I think I said before, we follow the Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year, so Ostara was held in September, and Beltane, in October - now we're waiting for Mabon to arrive).
As long as Lucas doesn't mess up with the objects, I let him touch everything that's displayed - he's always very respectful - only being careful when the candles are lit, of course. He loves changing the Goddess water every morning, and he often spend some seconds in front of it many times of the day, just watching, as he says. For him it's part of our lives, because he's used to it since he was a little baby. And that's exactly how I wanted it to be.

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Ocean said...

Merry Meet Nydia ~

Thank you for the kind words you left over at my blog... hugs back at you!

I used to have a whole "Spirit Room" dedicated to my Pagan Path, with several different altars on display. Now that I have moved from a large house to a small apartment, I no longer have such a room, and my altars have grown smaller and simpler. But actually, I think my whole apartment is one big spirit room... I try to keep little objects all around the apartment that serve as spiritual reminders of my path, my beliefs, and my practices.

For example, the top of the hard drive for my computer is a little "mini-altar" where I have I have a quartz crystal, an amethyst cluster, a seashell, a piece of driftwood that sort of looks like the shape of a sitting goddess, and my Charge of the Goddess card in a pretty frame. One might not think of this as an altar, but it works as such for me.

The appearance of you altar is limited only by your imagination.

~ Ocean
Deaf Pagan Crossroads

Patty said...

I love your altar photos. I don't keep a permanent one because the cats are so bad at knocking things down, so I have things sitting everywhere and usually centralize a altar for the Sabbaths keeping it up for the day. I don't follow Buddhism (I am eclectic)but my entire computer table top is full of Buddha, I have witches and Goddess on the book shelf, and fa ires and other "witchy" things scattered about. I think it is wonderful that you are teaching your son to participate in the Sabbaths. Also II am really enjoying your blog and I have added you to my blog lines so I will be checking in with you often