Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Gaia Theory

Some time ago, Lucas colored this beautiful Goddess Gaia from the Dancing Goddess Dolls. While he was making his traditional rainbow, coloring each part with a different crayon (he's on a rich multicolor phase now), I lightly introduced him to the Gaia Theory - the one where the planet Earth is not simply an inanimate mass sheltering living beings, but itself is alive, reacting and constantly self-regulating along its existence to keep life levels in its surface and inside of it. As this theory has always been very natural and obvious to me - sometimes I can feel it "breath"! -, I wanted to know his reaction. He not only agreed with me but also felt it very natural, because in his little mind, the Earth where he lives pulses alive and happy just like him, simple like that. One more reason to keep talking and teaching about preservation and respect for every creature. It won't be for lack of teaching and example from us that Lucas will grow up without a notion about respect and reverence for everything around him.
There's a page at Internet about James Lovelock, the scientist who formulated this wonderful theory. This guy shaked Science in the year I was born, 1969, when talking for the first time about the Earth as something alive and non-passive. He was invited by NASA years later to contribute in the analysis about the possibility of life in Mars, based in his studies. The man is respected! I think it worths taking a look at it, it's food for thought...

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