Thursday, February 21, 2008

A new Esbat - Part I

Tonight we have the Full Moon, and this month I'd like to make an "upgrade" about esbats with Lucas, who call the full moon "Mama Moon". Usually our rituals are very simple and short, due to his age and respective patience for long rites. I believe that now we can try something deeper and a bit longer, so I'll perform the Esbat suggested by Wind*Dancer at her site, adjusting something here and there, and see how it works.
Lucas is always the first one to ask me to buy supplies for the feasts, and this time it was no different. So I'll get a round white candle representing the full moon and some round cookies (no time to make them myself this time) to eat after the celebration is done. I just love the Esbat, it's a sweet ritual to me, and I feel renewed by its energy every night we celebrate it.

I was so sorry that last night we couldn't see the total eclipse of the moon, because in Rio the weather was so cloudy and ugly, even after a beautiful sunny day! Last year I took my son to watch the partial eclipse by the beach, and he loved it so much, it was perfect. Now we'll wait until 2010 for a new phenomenon.


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