Friday, February 22, 2008

New Esbat - Part II

So it was definitely a great choice! Lucas enjoyed this new ritual much more than I thought he would. Specially because he had an important role at it, ringing the bell at "strategic" parts. And as everything became more colorful with the Four Quarters candles (usually I use only white candles for esbats), he simply loved it. I felt him more connected with the whole meaning of the ritual too. Summing up, it was a success. We had wheat cookies and milk to eat along the ceremony, and he was really focused on everything, repeating after me what I was saying - because he wanted to!

Of course, he had several questions and comments as I was performing the ritual, but anyone with kids at home knows how things are: we simply cannot have a straight esbat or sabbath, there are always interruptions and that's it. I aswer him trying not to lose the concentration, and it works well in the end. He was sorry when it was over! From now on, I'll surely keep this new celebration.

*Image: Lucas in front of our little esbat altar. The "horns" behind him are the branches of our growing sweet potato, absolutely lovely!

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Turtleheart said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration with your son-- does your husband follow your beliefs and celebrate with you as well?